Ravaged Kingdom

This is a guild created in PMU by two players by the names of Waterbolt and Zappeh. Both are Co-Leaders for the guild.

Hey guys! This is Zappeh! I just created this guild recently with Waterbolt, and I’d like to have as many guild mates as can be! The name came from a combination of words related to our two favorite types of dragon(kingdom) and ravaged(storm-like, relating to electric). If you’d like to become a member of this guild, you must meet the following requirements:

-Must be an active player. Come on once every couple of weeks so we know you are around.

-Be willing to contribute to help others in the guild, and possibly contribute to guild events.

-Must be able to follow PMU’s rules. To go with this, follow our guild rules as well.

-If we are to deem you not fit for the guild, we will give you a message before removing you.

-Be able to be a kind person, and not rude to other guildmates. No begging either.

-If you are in the guild, do not ask to be an admin. We will promote those who we feel deserve the role.

To become an admin for the guild you must:

-Be contributing quite a bit to helping the guild

-Following guild rules

-No begging for it.

-Must be fairly active as well.

Current Guild Members:







Hopefully you can peak interest in the guild and we can have many players band together and have fun dungeoning and training, as well as helping out during events held by the guild admins/leaders and helping others during events held by the staff team! Comment down below if you so wish to join, and I will talk it over with fellow leaders and admins! Thanks for reading~