Really REALLY old player coming through

Hi lotta new faces here, it’s me MasterShadowNinja. Some folks call me MSN for short. I have been here since PMU6 right around 2008.

It’s crazy how much has changed here. People change, I changed. I was playing some pokemon mystery dungeon DX on the switch the other day cause of this rumor going on with a new one and one thing lead to an other and I remember playing PMU.

Heard a lot of things happen good bad you name it. I would love to reconnect with some folks and well I am banned years ago on discord for posting some well dank and offensive memes. This was many years ago. Fresh out of college and just grinding out the work such as life.

If I did something stupid years ago. Yeah I am sorry. I forgot a lot of things here.

You guys probably remember me being a Medicham here.

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Nice to see ya checking back in MSN! :mewwave:

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Good to see ya as well is there a way to appeal my ban on discord after many years?

Hello there, I’m Missin, leader of Embers!

I only joined a couple of years ago but it’s cool to see some old faces here!

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You could try messaging the PMU modmail, at the discord tag PMU Modmail#4322

Anything you send there goes straight to PMU staff.

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Thanks will do! It’s been so long here so yeah.

oh this is edited I tried getting them and it is not working.