Recognition of the keyboard

Hello everyone.

I am writing to you today about something that would help a lot of foreign players and myself living in France. One of the problems is that the game does not automatically detect what keyboard is used by the player is then considered an English keyboard (QWERTY) which is not ergonomic for players using another type of keyboard wishing to communicate through chat or use the various commands.
So, I wonder if it is not possible that the game can detect what type of keyboard player uses.

Thanks by advance.


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Well, there is only one reason…Maybe the ppl has a keyboard (Example: Spanish Keyboard) so they will press “;” for put ñ a character that isnt progamed in game thats the reason

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American, I belive. They are a little different, for example @ and " swap positions between the two.

EDIT: To answer the topic, I agree.

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I honestly Disagree with this… MAINLY because your suppose to talk English in PMU… For the reason so that EVERYONE can understand it. because for us that can’t speak alternative languages, we end up being confused.

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Not entirely true.
People’s keyboard’s can vary, for example the American Keyboard (what PMU uses only right now) has a few differences to the European or British Keyboards.
My own keyboard suffers a few issues with PMU, due to being a UK Keyboard. Namely the £ (Shift + 3) sign becoming a # sign. The problem here, what this thread is about, is that foreign keyboards may not be QWERTY like ours and the game forces it on every keyboard right now. Because of this, it can cause a lot of complications when trying to use commands or even speak English.