Red moon spring (at the behest of kirk)

hello once again. recently i participated in a convo with some of the staff and some other players on discord regarding changing how red moon spring works.

there are a number of reasons why

  1. red moon spring has no real relation to the dungeon in which it is located, loch lenile cavern. loch lenile is themed after the loch ness (and the loch ness monster) and red moon spring was a later addition to the dungeon. resurrecting fossils has no relation to the dungeons lore, especially when most are obtained in tanren chambers, some place totally unrelated.
  2. the spawn rate at which this secret room is a source of frustration to many players as it is very tedious to find and a quite rate spawn. some people run loch lenile 10 times without encountering a red moon spring.
  3. it is very tedious, and i think players should be rewarding for the feat of finally obtaining a fossil, not have to do a trivial task to redeem their fossils which ultimately is less of a challenge than it is annoying and boring, especially since if you have fossils youll be long past the level range of llc.

i think making red moon spring its own location, or having it be obtained in an alternative method, would be beneficial for players, as well as giving loch lenile its identity back, rather than “that dungeon you have to run if you wanna get a fossil pokemon” when the concept of the dungeon itself is fairly novel and is not a bad dungeon in of itself

kirk proposed that red moon spring could be a location somewhere, such as a shrine. this could still be exclusive to night time, which is fine. as for what the “price” should be as an equivalent exchange for no longer having red moon spring be a mystery room, there are a few things that could be implemented so that red moon spring could still have a “cost” to use while being less frustrating

  1. share the unlock requirement with silver keys. these would give them more of a value, because silks are not in super high demand at the current moment.
  2. require to buy a key from an npc with poke somewhere in the region the new shrine is moved to
  3. create a dungeon similar to cliffside cave with the engraved tablet filled with fossil pokemon where the end reward is a guaranteed but consumable key item.
  4. give as a reward in certain TC boxes, as many fossils are in end boxes there anyway.

these are a few options, and if you have others, or input, feel free to share. thanks for your time reading. i think this was a very good topic brought up in the discord and a thread was requested to be made for it.

This is actually a more detailed expansion of a discussion thread we discussed earlier last year, Red Moon Spring. I am really sad that it wasn’t expanded on or received any response since my reply to it, but this lays out a lot of very good options and I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if you are aware of this but a few years back I believe it was due to a bug with red moon springs, but it had to be closed down for maintenance, or for some reason was replaced by an alternative method of fossil recruit where, for a brief time we exchanged fossils for eggs outside HC, this was if I remember correctly during or/and shortly after (my memory is fuzzy) holiday palace. This was actually a very enjoyable alternative to red moon springs, and I think combined with your idea of a dungeon similar to cliff-side where you obtain an item similar to engraved tablet would be much more enjoyable, but still fair and challenging, I believe they should be put in a dungeon that should be further scaled up too if you ask my personal opinion if we are talking about a different dungeon there is a massive power gap between loch lenile and TC, and especially if we are talking a permanent unlock, I think it should be a difficult dungeon, maybe something like MP in TC? or if it’s still consumable dungeon maybe something on par with DD or Mt. Moon, that’s less time-consuming to repeat than TC, although not as easy to repeat (but not as annoying as SR hunting) as Loch Lenile.

Fossils were put in Loch Lenile when the average player strength was much lower than it is today, conditions in general have changed massively, and there are more fossils available and in circulation, having it moved is a very reasonable demand, changes will be needed to be made to adapt and fit the new fossils in generation 8 anyway.

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idk why people whine about having to do a few runs fossils aren’t supposed to be easy to obtain/ resurect ;l

i do not particularly understand your combative tone and need to call me “whiny” when this was brought up by a staff in the first place.

anyway, i dont think red moon spring is “hard.” its annoying. i don’t think my suggestion states anywhere that the goal of this suggestion is to make fossil revival easier. i think it shouldnt be based on arbitrary rng in a very low levelled dungeon that has nothing to do with fossils, that’s all.

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Seconding what Griefy just said, this isn’t implying making them at all easier, but less mind cell losing boring, walking back and forth for hours to revive a few fossils is a lot less preferable than actually running an actual dungeon for hours, personally as I offered my opinion and I’d like to see them be harder, just to spice things up, since Loch Lenile has been so out-phased.

wasn’t trying to bash anyone just wanted to say its been said already in a previous post and basically already done by now :slight_smile: