Regarding shiny hunting

im a player that owns a pc with defective stereos, so im forced to play without sound. i have heard that the only way to find out wether there is a shiny in a floor or not is by hearing a little sound effect when you spawn in. so my suggestion would be to have a little effect or some stars animation appear when you first spawn in a floor, not only for poeple like me who have broken stereos but maybe also for deaf people.

Or could even add a text message of “shiny!” like what happens when you check the sound at Seedling’s house

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This is an accessibility suggestion so basic that I’m surprised it’s not already in the game.

Even just a small blurb in the message log would do just fine, +1 to this


As someone who enjoys playing PMU in the background while I’m watching a video or listening to an audiobook, and thus would prefer to play the game without sound often, I’d love this. +1 from me!

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Wonderful suggestion! Also personally with only a sound effect playing I get very self conscious that I just didn’t hear the sound. So a little text note in chat as confirmation would be fantastic! ; u ;

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Adding on to this, this is absolutely correct!

People hard of hearing love to play games too! There’s really not enough accessibility things in real life, and every bit counts!

This feature would be amazing!

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