Remove the ability to vote on your own forum suggestions

It’s a little silly, honestly.

-Someone who has voted on multiple of their own suggestions.

I agree that players should not be able to vote on their own ideas. Also their shouldn’t really be a cap on votes should there a player shouldn’t agree with every silly idea that comes along sure but at the same time their is a lot of suggestions flooding in all the time and without votes you can’t show your support for the idea to bump it up for devs to see


I don’t like how the voting system works in general, ideally, there should be a limit but one that refreshes every week/month or so, in addition to not voting on your own of course, in my opinion.

Agreed. One would think that writing the dang post in the first place would be enough of a “vote” from the topic’s poster in and of itself, but I guess not…


Especially because in the past it’s not necessarily the “votes” that get things implemented but more of the clear common consensus of players and staffs, the system as a whole feels odd.