Replace 10 HP family items

Pretty much just the title. Outside of the fact the items are insubstantial, they regularly cause an assembly bug new players (and older players honestly) run into constantly.
While it’d be nice if the benefit of the item mattered a bit more, honestly the bug is the biggest issue, so you could change + 10hp to 10def and 10 spdef and keep it about even and not cause issues

I have to agree - the 10 HP items are less than worthless atm. 10 HP is a totally trivial amount at higher levels, and trying to use them just leads to headaches. Its a middling effect for a barely functional item, I say give it the axe.

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wud you say it’s worthless if it gave 100hp?

also 10def + 10spdef is much more valuable than 10hp

as that reduction essentially procs multiple times whereas 10 hp is just 10hp

100 HP would be a absurd step up - an absolutely massive increase. 10x doesn’t quite put into perspective the kinda difference it makes. Assuming an endgame mon with ~250 HP (a max level mon probably has closer to 300, but from my experience you hit 250 around the 80-90 range), 10 HP provides a 4% increase, while 100hp provides a 40% increase. The end result is totally different.

I dunno if this would be balanced - though it would certainly motivate me to put up with the awful jank of these items.

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definitely agree, they barely work and even if they did these are 3* fam items, 10hp is nothing compared to your weakness healing you or double attack speed

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I agree 100%. Not only are they super buggy and cause a lot of issue, it barely matters at a high level. Yes it may be useful at lower level where 10hp can be a 20% HP increase or at level reset dungeons, but overall there are better family items out there.

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