Report User Etiquette and FAQs

What is the role of the Report User sub-forum?

As the name suggests, this sub-forum is to report users who break the rules in game or on an official PMU chat.


How do I submit a valid report?

Before you create a thread, ask yourself:

  1. Has the user I am reporting broken a rule or multiple rules?
  2. Do I have any evidence in the form of screenshots or video?
  3. Am I comfortable with publicly requesting help from a Moderator?

If the answer to any of these questions are “No”, please think again before submitting a report thread.


I am uncomfortable with making a public report thread.

This is completely ok and understandable. If you are concerned about submitting a thread on the Report User sub-forums, you may PM the following people:

The Moderators
They will kindly handle your request, however, please be patient with replies.

You can also PM the entire group of Moderators by doing the following:

[spoilerExpand for Images:2jnagoue]Click the “Moderator” group on the right hand side. You may need to scroll down the list.

Press the “Add” button.

Your address field should look like the following.



What do I need to create a Report User thread?

Here are some following guidelines to start up your report thread.

  1. Have a relevant, succinct title.
  2. Have screenshot or video evidence. Chat logs are only acceptable if they are in screenshot format. Copy pasted plain text chat logs will not be counted towards evidence against the reported user.

Please remember to not break any rules yourself (in the case of any offensive language) by typing out word for word what you are reporting said user for.

Any comments you make should be the following:

  1. Any additional comments by OP must follow the PMU rules.
  2. These comments must not be inflammatory, aggressive, insulting, or anything similar of offensive nature.
  3. These comments must also be reasonable and polite despite any circumstances you may be in.


Someone else reported the same user! What can I do?

If the thread in question is:

  1. Not reporting the user for the same situation or broken rule that you were going to going to.
  2. Dead. (Last post is over four weeks old.)
  3. Not recent. (Has not been submitted in the past week.)
  4. Unlocked.
  5. Unresolved. (Hasn’t been locked and there has been no response from a Moderator.)

You are allowed to submit another Report User thread. Make sure they follow the basic guidelines listed previously and PMU forum etiquette.


Can I comment on a relevant report thread?

You should only comment if:

  1. Your comment contains more evidence (screenshots, screenshotted chat logs, or video) that backs up OPs claims.

Otherwise, any comment that is irrelevant, aggressive, or offensive in any nature will hasten the shut-down of said thread.


I was banned/kicked/muted. I have a few questions…

Please contact the Staff member who was responsible for any disciplinary actions taken against you. If you do not remember, please contact the Moderator team by PMs.

Please do not post on the Support or Report User sub-forum.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping make the Report User sub-forum a tidy place. :)

  • The Staff Team.


This is an updated version of Dandy’s Dos and Don’ts of the Report User sub-forum.

If you are curious about the expectations of the PMU Staff Team, please refer to Chaotix Bluix’s thread about Staff expectations.