Rollback Explanation and Compensation Information

On 07 October 2014 the PMU Server and the VPS it ran on went down. This was unfortunately a result of the disappearance of one of our admins, who happened to be the only one in charge of billing. With the lack of payments being received by our provider, their service with us was ceased earlier than we anticipated. All data we had on that server was effectively lost; none of us were verified contacts on the account and support was unable to assist us.

Fortunately, we had backups and immediately began to work towards migrating what we had to a new server. Our backups of the PMU Data were two days old, which unfortunately means any progress made between 06 October, 03:39 and 08 October, 00:18 UTC was lost.

Our backups of the server files themselves were one month old, which wasn’t too bad save for a small oversight that we weren’t aware of until one week later. In short, because of a file the server uses to generate new playerids being a month old, old accounts created a month prior were being overwritten by new accounts. This only affected 0.3% of all players. We immediately patched this bug as soon as it we discovered it and are working on restoring the affected accounts. Resolving this problem may take slightly longer than expected due to additional high-priority tasks queued for our team, as well as currently being shorthanded in terms of other admins. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this problem.

All though the rollback/data loss is fairly negligible, we will be offering a compensation event consisting of a 1.5x EXP bonus starting later today and ending on Wednesday afternoon. Additionally, the staff will be occasionally hosting events throughout the week. Once again, we apologise for any inconveniences caused and we appreciate your understanding.

If you enjoy PMU, please consider supporting us by donating here: All funds go towards the server so that we can provide a positive experience for the community and to keep PMU up and running.

Thank you.