Rotating Dungeon Experience Boost

been a few days since this came up, but I’m awake and I’ve been procrastinating on this post for too long. on 26 December 2019 an 1.5x experience multiplier was put into effect for all Halloween and winter themed dungeons. it was supposed to last only 2 weeks (until 9 January 2020), but it is 16 January 2020 and the boost is still in effect. I don’t know the exact reasoning for why the boost continued, but regardless the community really seems to enjoy it. Mystic Coven is being run as a training dungeon. Before this event I have not seen people actively organizing runs to that place in the year I have been with pmu. if we were to just keep the boost, Mystic Coven would likely be run as one of the primary mid/late game training dungeons. that wouldn’t be bad exactly, but it’s not the full potential that an exp boost can give.

the reason I personally like the exp boost, is not that we have a new training dungeon for the moment. it’s that a dungeon that no one really talked about is getting some love. and it’s not a boring dungeon either. 50 floors, good recruits, bulky psychic and ghost types on the later floors. the only real downside to it is the end boxes are garbage.
but why limit this dungeon love to just Mystic Coven (yes there were more dungeons that got boosted, but Mystic Coven is the most popular as of now)? lets not keep the exp boost, but instead rotate it. let each dungeon get a chance to draw people to it. add some variance and spice to the game!

for a rotating exp boost, I don’t know if 1.5x is the right value, it made Mystic Coven a place you could train from level 60 to level 100 and I don’t know if I agree with that. but you will get outliers dungeons with whatever boost you use if you use a consistent rate. too small a boost and no one will care, too large a boost and people will bring level 50s to pebble cave to train. I think the sweet spot would be somewhere in the 1.3x-1.5x range. but I don’t have much data behind that, it’s just a shot in the dark.

I don’t think the boost should rotate any faster than weekly or any slower than 2 times a month. since with less than a week not everyone will have time to get on for it, and more than 2 weeks the training meta gets kinda samey again.

but imagine it, people going to dungeons they used to only go for recruits now going there to train.

(I pulled this idea off the top of my head while chatting in discord a few days ago, people seemed to like it, so here it is. sorry for the delay but here is that reminder you asked for Andy)

This is an amazing idea it would bring life to different dungeons that nobody runs anymore ever day/week on a rotation, depends on how easy it is to implement/keep running though staff wise


I could be reading into the lines too much, but the announcement post says that “one more soon to be opened dungeon that will be included in this list” and said dungeon hasn’t been released yet. (So exp boost won’t end until dungeon gets released? /s)

Mystic Coven is the most popular now out of the experience boost list mainly because of its convenience (every dungeon these days have some random puzzle/rest stop every 10 flrs+ it has low amount of floors,etc.). Technically out of the exp boost dungeon list Iceberg Adrift would give the most experience, but you have to go through a dungeon just to get to it. These days with the low player base its hard to get 4 people to dungeon at the same time. I’ve personally haven’t trained in this game for a longgg time until this experience boost.

Also I kind of disagree with decreasing the experience boost rate. People will never train in pebble cave even with 2x boost because the multiplier won’t give this dungeon any meaningful experience. (ex: 100*1.5=150exp not much) Only when you start going through dungeons with 1000 exp per npc kill will you start to notice the difference, which is mid-level dungeons. The point of experience boost, imo, is to give mid-level dungeons no one ever goes to some love, like Mystic Coven.

This also solves the issue of going through the same dungeons to train all the time that Deleca expressed in another thread. (also make decreased exp. rates for more dungeon variety :^) /s)


Not a solution but It helps. It’s not only about exp, It’s about wanting dungeons with tougher enemies so you have something to work towards to when getting to higher levels. 60s can still do MC, Its exp Is only up to par to what an Ideal end game dungeon would give because It’s boosted.

About the topic Itself, I’d like to see this as a thing because I haven’t trained In MC In forever before the boost. DT Is a dungeon I haven’t went to since many months back. It would really help the Issue some people have with not seeing a reason to go to x dungeon after the first time or getting x thing or recruit, at least In terms of training. I think the best rotation schedule Is per week.


I think overall this is a neat idea, and would be plenty interested in seeing it implemented.


I think this is an awesome way of getting people interested in some dungeons that may not quite be getting the level of love they deserve! Sunken Gardens/Rocky Ravine are two of these places in my opinion (totally not biased that Turtwig’s in RR :wink:)


Good idea overall, weekly rotations would help this game out a lot & give more incentive to play.