Safety Goggles will nullify Weather based abilities and moves

I’ll be honest not sure if it’s worth using the format for this post but I’ll do it.

Summary of Bug:
What you were doing at the time: Exploring a Dungeon using a Hail team. I tried using Aurora Veil
Where you were in the game/menus: Yes, I was going through the item inventory list.
What happened: Having the Safety Goggles equipped in dungeon weather prevents the use of Aurora Veil (and any other weather related abilities).

Essentially, equipping the Safety Goggles in real weather conditions nulls all weather based abilities and moves (and presumably effects, so equipping Safety Googles in a dungeon where it’s hailing and Pokemon use Blizzard, Blizzard should be able to miss you, same with Thunder & Rain. I’m not sure if this affects damage as well). However, Safety Goggles & the abilities/moves work just fine with Weather rocks.

I have examples in the videos down below but here is it summed up in bullet format

This seems to affect every weather ability/move. I’ve only tested with Solar Power, Cholorphyll, Swift Swim, Dry Skin, and Aurora Veil. But I’m going to assume everything else is affected as well.


Windows 10 Home - Version 1803

Expected Result:

Aurora Veil and my other Weather based abilities to work.

Actual Result:

Moves and abilities were nullified.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Induce any weather condition (in this case rain) in a dungeon or anywhere weather can apply.
  2. Pokemon has Swift Swim or any other weather ability.
  3. Once the Pokemon equips Safety Goggles their ability becomes nullified.
  4. Weather stops and user equips Weather Rock on one of their Pokemon.
  5. Safety Goggles work and abilities are no longer nullified (and work)

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below:

Confliction with Aurora Veil:

Confliction with Abilities:

Weather Rock not conflicting with abilities:

This bug really isn’t that huge of a bother, it’s just more of an inconvenience than anything. I would like to see it resolved some time in the future but I understand why this might be a low priority issue right now. If you need more examples just ask and I can do more testing. I’m planning on trying to test if Safety Goggles nullifies the damage boost on Water/Fire attacks in Rain/Sun and nullifies the accuracy bypass check with Blizzard/Thunder in Hail/Rain soon too.

Thank you.

EDIT: Upon further testing I’ve found out that equipping Safety Goggles will indeed get rid of the damage boost Pokemon for Water/Fire types if they’re holding it. So equipping this item while in Rain/Sun will mean your Water and Fire attacks are doing normal damage.

To test this I had steeliumZ help out in the arena. They attacked me without holding the goggles in the rain and were doing 33 damage consistently, when he equipped the goggles the damage was reduced to 28 consistently.

Was able to record it properly with the punching bag NPC. (Thank you to whoever put that there)

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