Seeds of Friendship 🌱

Looking at the rest of her tribe, a young forest spirit meditates for a moment - preparing herself to venture into a new world. The familiar lands of Spiritglade that she had called home for countless moons would soon be left behind for uncharted lands and exciting adventures. Her tribe knew not exactly where they were headed, only that they sought to defeat the Darkness in their eternal conflict.

The portal to the Astral Realm was opened, and she looked one last time upon her tribe. They were all magical beings - humanlike in stature yet created by a powerful wish for friendship. Each one took the name “Seedling” as her own, and it was their goal to spread friendship everywhere. One Seedling alone would be quite powerless, but many Seedlings working together could change the worlds they journeyed to.

Linking their hands together, the tribe ventured forth into the portal…and that’s when something went terribly wrong. The young forest spirit found a strange psychic force pulling her away from the rest of her tribe, and she tried to fight it as best she could. It was no use, however, and she fainted from the effort.

Waking up in a forest clearing, she saw a peppy bunny with long ears introduce itself to her. Still dazed and confused, she followed this bunny to learn more about the new world she found herself in. She would quickly come to realize that her very body had changed into something completely different, yet somehow familiar.

Her magical abilities relied on friendship, and with no other Seedlings in sight, she was understandably shy in this place she found herself in. Quietly this forest spirit watched as other explorers mingled in a place called Grassroot Town. Eventually she started opening up as she realized she had to make friends to survive, and the other explorers gently welcomed her in as one of their own.

She grew stronger over time, spurred on by the new friends that this Seedling had made. Each adventure gave her a little bit more of her former power, sometimes manifesting itself as a new move she could perform during battles with the wild creatures largely driven to mindlessness by some unknown force. Eventually she would become strong enough to help the rest of her tribe find and join her in this place.

With her powers restored, she wanted to help other explorers who happened upon this place just like she had been helped herself, and thus she founded an Explorer’s Guild with the name “Seeds of Friendship”. Several of her new friends ended up joining the guild, and it has since flourished into a large group of explorers helping each other grow. Many of the other Seedlings, still largely unfamiliar with this world, would seek out other Explorer’s Guilds to learn the ropes and create more close bonds of friendship.

~The story of the arrival of Seedlings

Hiya, friends! Hopefully I didn’t overdo it on the storytelling…I can be like that sometimes, but what’s a guy to do when his mind runs wild? :3

Anyways, this forum post is about my guild, the Seeds of Friendship! Having only been established in 2020, it has grown quickly to become the largest bunch of players in current times. We’d be happy to invite more people to join us in having fun with PMU - and you can bring your friends, too!

Joining us is fairly easy - just seek out one of our leaders (usually me, but I’ve trusted a few others with the ability to invite if they so wish and can afford the guild fees). We accept any and all friendly players, regardless of experience with the game. Alts are okay as well, too.

We don’t force anybody to pay any part of the guild fees for a first time join, though you are welcome to contribute towards that if you want to help us out! If you want more than one character in the guild though, then we do have to request help with paying those guild fees.

Our in-game guild member count at last check: 161! [March 1, 2021]

The guild’s rules are pretty straightforward and can be summed up in one sentence: “Don’t be a jerk.” We’re all people who want to have fun playing games and enjoying these experiences with other like-minded people.

As for what joining a guild like ours would do for you:

  • The opportunity for guild rescues if you find yourself in trouble and don't want to lose valuable items
  • Completing shiny bounties via guild member escorts
  • Easier access to a community of players to hang out and make lasting friendships with

Speaking of community access, we also have a Discord server for our guild and any interested friends to do the aforementioned hanging out and making friends. You’re welcome to join us there if you’d like, even if you’re not a member - and if you do decide after seeing what we’re like that you want to join our guild in-game too, we’ve got a channel for that.

(Disclaimer: There may be some occasional swears in this Discord server. I don’t forbid it, but I do ask people to avoid using harsh language too often.)
Seeds of Friendship guild Discord invite

We hope you'll join us - the more the merrier~

~Seedlings 🌱

Hi, Seedlings! Nice story about your guild! :sunflorablush: I am not disappointed from being a member of it! :chikoritaye:

Happy to hear that you’re having fun with us! I’ll do my best to keep things growing - the more the merrier, after all~

Current guild member count: 167! [March 8, 2021]

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We’re still active, especially now that the Easter Holiday Cave has opened up! Already had a couple successful runs with guildies, and I’m looking to help as many people as I can! Come join us and grow~

Current guild member count: 175! [April 5, 2021]

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After a good while spent running this guild, I’m still going at it! ^_^

Though there’s now also a 6-month inactivity rule to keep the roster relatively active and guild fees down to sustainable levels. This does mean the playercount’s dropped a fair bit - it peaked at 207 members before I started doing this, and currently it’s at 135 players.

I’ve also been revamping the guild Discord over the past month or so. We’re still accepting all friendly faces there regardless of whether you’re a part of my guild, and once HC ends I plan on running more frequent activities with the server~