Server Downtime [9/21]

Due to unforeseen circumstances the game server will be offline until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience as we try to do some bug fixes.
In the meantime feel free to join our discord server if you aren’t in it already to communicate with other players and staff!
Thanks for your understanding!

-PMU Staff Team

Of course, the day I discover this game and am excited to try something new, it’s down…

well is this going to be the longest time that the server will be down?? if not can you give us an estimate time of down time?? sur i have school but i’m getting bored of hacing to check if the game is online or not every 10 mins. so just give us an estimated time dont say till further notice :sad:

The server is open temporarily, and we will be monitoring it for a while. There will be no rollbacks. If for any reason the server begins to act abnormal, it will be shut down for maintenance once more.

If you encounter anything contact a staff and please be detailed as much as possible.

Locking this for now!