Server Host


Why did we even switch host in the first place? The current server we have now can"t even handle more then 40 people without something going wrong. The old ones like, handled 100 and nothing too major. We need something else to keep PMU a great experience for others.


Previous VPS tried to scam us by claiming to have protected PMU from a DDoS attack and demanded $150 or so.


i dont really understand this stuff too well. but let me ask one thing…is paying more going to give less lag and handle more players? and how much more money will it cost. i can donate like 800 USD…so i just want to know if ill notice any visible difference

i would LOVE if someone could explain these things better to me. im really passionate about helping out.


Why do you mean the game could handle 100 people without a problem in the old days? I’ve been here on and off for years and the lag made the game unplayable (probably caused by the game itself more than any server, I’d imagine).