Sever Downtime 3-6-18 (The server is now back up!)

Edit (3/21/18) : The server is now back up!

Hello! We’re sorry about the radio silence on the forums end on what has been going on with the server. We had some forums issues for a few days and we’ve been preoccupied with trying to figure out both issues. Now that the forums are back up I’m going to make a post here explaining a bit! We’re currently doing our best to bring the server back up and quickly as possible to everyone and are working hard on things. We recently got the forums back up and hopefully soon we will have figured out what needs fixing server wise. During this downtime we ask for your patience and don’t harass staff or spread any false rumors or cause unneeded panic. PMU is not going down forever, rollbacks are not a real concern, and PMU isn’t dead. We are doing our very best so be sure to keep back to check on any future updates. If you’d like to be in touch in more real time feel free to join our discord server! Be sure to read the rules!