Shadow Strikeout

Ok Deme here and this is a fanfic Chipper and I have decided to do. Relax and enjoy this.

A world full of shadows…a world without humanity or signs of life. The shadow Pokemon have engulfed the earth. Only few are still pure enough to fight the shadows. Will the shadows or the pure Pokemon win in the end? Will lives be lost? Sacrifices? Join the thrilling adventure of two childhood friends as they travel through the ruined world, battle against shadows and survive the shadow apocalypse!

Chapter 1: Meet the Shadows

Wander and Deme awoke from their slumber. After being asleep for 2 years, they wandered out of the cave they were in, not knowing what has changed, they were eager to get in to their exploring again. They bumped into a horde of Foongus. “These Foongus don’t look normal,” Wander mumbled in a worried voice, “they don’t have a shadow. Instead, they have a shadow aura around their bodies!” Each Foongus attacked with a Spore, just missing both, Wander and Deme. Wander attacked with an Iron Tail, knocking out 2 of the Foongus. Deme suggested that running would be the best option, so we decided to run back to the cave.

Back in the cave, Deme decided to speak up, “what were those things out there?” Wander spoke up with a sturdy voice, "I don’t know what they were, want to just call them ‘shadow pokemon?’ Still confused about to what the pokemon they encountered earlier today was, they both decided to go to bed early to think about what they saw today.

Chapter 2: Strange noises

Deme could not sleep; something was going to happen he knew it he could literally feel it deep beneath his eevee fur and inside his very bones. Besides him another eevee his childhood friend Wander. He was breathing slowly, sleeping peacefully at a straw bed.

His mind was fogged with questions about that incident yesterday; when those foongus attacked them. The horde of the mushroom pokemon was weird. Their small bodies lacked the usual shadow everything had instead they had some kind of fog surrounding them. Wander had suggested to call them Shadow pokemon.
All of a sudden his sensitive ears picked up the sound of a howling. He poked Wander quickly so they could investigate together.

“Deme do you know what time is it? I have to sleep and I suggest you do the same too bro”

“Wander there is something outside the cave…And I don’t want another encounter with those weird pokemon’s so get up and lets investigate already!”

Wander saw the serious face of his friend and the two of them slowly made their way to the entrance of their cave.

They searched the whole area but there was not a single living thing nearby.

Annoyed Wander said “Deme tell me that you interrupted my sleep for nothing. I’m this close to hitting your head with an Iron Tail!”

“I swear Wander there was something howling out there! More shadow pokemon’s? “

“Deme I don’t know let’s just go back to sleep and we will search the forest a little bit more at the morning…”

Deme agreed with his friend and they went back to the cave to sleep without knowing that two red eyes were watching them from the darkness the cave provided…

Chapter Three: Missing!

While they were exiting the cave an angry Shadow Ursaring, growled at them and began to attack. The Ursaring charged at them while they ran for their lives. Deme tripped over a twig. Wander realised that Deme wasn’t next to him, so he looked behind and saw that he tripped. Wander charged at the Ursaring, trying to distract it. Wander went deeper into the cave, close behind the Ursaring followed.

Deme got up and ran out of the cave, realising that Wander never came out. “The Ursaring must’ve gotten him…” Deme mumbled to himself.

While in the cave, Wander slipped into a small crack into the wall so the Ursaring didn’t get him.

Deme was tempted to go find Wander but he had a change in plans. He ran back to the cave that they slept in. When he got back to the cave, he noticed that a horde of Shadow Crobat had made their home in the cave. Eager to get his home back, Deme backed out. He wandered the forest, in search for Wander, or a shelter that he can sleep in…

I like it so much. <3 It"s what I expected though from 2 of my friends/best friends. O:< Lovin" it, write more! I"ll keep reading and commenting for "ya. ^^

(Thanks Blazing! We appreciate that :joy: )

Chapter Four: Irony sweet Irony.

Deme was alone. His best friend was nowhere to be found. As he entered the small cave they called home he saw much to his surprise that a swarm of Crobats had nestled at the roof of the cave.
“You have to be kidding me…Seriously? Of all the cave dwelling pokemons in THIS world it had to be Crobats? Great just great” He said mentally cursing his luck.

Deme thought that he had to be silent; Crobats have an extremely good hearing and the slightest sound he could make would cause them to go on a rampage which would probably resort to his death with a dozen of blood sucking bats feasting on his corpse… After all Crobats were natural predators and he was a scavenger…

“Ok here goes nothing…” Saying that he began to slowly make his way deeper in the cave
He was half way there; hopefully Wander would be hiding at their resting place. As the two straw beds reached his line of sight Deme felt that something was not right, the snoring Crobats made had stopped.

Slowly turning his head so he could look back he saw five bat like pokemon… Purple bat like pokemon… With four wings…

Somehow he had managed to awake them and now they looked at him like he was an easy meal with fur.
Not wasting another second he run further only to see an enormous Ursaring blocking his way.
Dead end, end of the line, the end he was done for either he would get his blood sucked dry by the Crobats or eaten by an Ursaring.

“Come on deme think! What can you do to escape? Perhaps use an attack or two?”

Using Baby-Doll Eyes would earn him nothing neither would Quick Attack; Ursaring was far too fast to get away using it. That left only a couple of other attacks left : Helping Hand which was also useless, Refresh also useless at the time being and… Baton Pass!
If he used Baton Pass he would switch places with the Ursaring! But he had only one shot at this.

“Here… goes NOTHING!!!” He said charging at full speed at the bear pokemon.

At the last second he touched quickly the Ursaring, causing a golden pulse to travel from the place he touched to all over the bear pokemon’s body while he thought of the place he was seconds ago; which was a definitely eight steps away from him.

And it worked! The Ursaring was now where he started to run! Wasting again not a single moment he used Quick Attack to gain some distance from the pokemon who were chasing him only to reach the end of the cave.
“Awwww dead end again?”

All of a sudden he heard a familiar voice speaking. It was Wander!

“Deme over here!”

“Wander? Where are you?”

“Over here to your left!”

Deme looked the opposite way confused causing Wander to mentally face palm himself.

“The other left Deme… the other left…”

A small crack was barely visible on the stony wall. However it was still large enough for an eevee to hide.
Entering the crack Deme reunited with his lost friend.

Wander Iron Tailed the eevee next to him earning an ouch from his friend.
“What was that for?!”

“That for leaving me all alone!”
Wander used Iron Tail on Deme again this time managing to get him a bit angry.

“Now what was that for?!”
And Wander said with a smile: “Because I am happy to see you alive!”

“I am happy to see you too Wander…Now what to we do? We can’t stay holed up in here forever!”

Wander poked the stone surface behind him causing the wall to collapse.

“We will just get out Deme, unless you want to stay here?”

“Was that sarcasm?”

“Nah” Wander said gently tackling Deme causing him to trip and fall down to the ground. “Now move it Deme! We need to find some food and shelter! It looks like it will rain soon” He said pointing at the slightly cloudy sky.

“Ok Wander let’s go!”

Chapter 5: Meet Rectangle!

Wander and Deme ventured up a steep hill. By the time they reach the top, they were both puffed out. Deme noticed the view and said, “Look Wander! Look at the view! It’s so beautiful!”
Wander’s eyes glittered with sparkles, “It’s so amazin–” Wander was interrupted by the hill’s edge started to crumble…

They both tumbled down the steep hill. After they finished tumbling, they bumped into a Bastiodon. Deme first reaction was that it was shadow, until Wander noted it out it wasn’t.

“Hey! Watch where you’re tumbling, mate!” said the Bastiodon, in a sturdy voice. “Anyways, back to the point. I’m Rectangle. I’m glad to see I’m not the only pure pokemon left.”

Wander and Deme was intrigued by meeting the new pokemon. “Glad we aren’t the only ones that are pure,” Wander and Deme spoke at the same time, “Would you like to join us? To stop the shadows?”

Rectangle spoke in his sturdy voice once again, “Sure, I will protect you for as long as I can.”

Rectangle, Wander and Deme continued the journey, with the accompany of a new companion, they will sure defeat the shadows!

Chapter 6: Cities and illusions

After a couple of days of shadow battling and surviving Deme, his best friend Wander and their new companion Rectangle managed to find the ruins of a human city.

Along with the rest of the world the city was devastated; buildings were half destroyed, the roads were cracked and some of them full with debris and the once majestic machines humans used to travel were gathering rust, long forgotten and left to be lost by the eternal power of time. Nonetheless this forgotten place was perfect to find some supplies even perhaps something that could help the trio to learn their location.

“According to this sign this must be Lorem City. The city of the constant advancement. Doesn’t seem like advanced to me though” Deme said pointing at the ruined city.

“Wander and Deme this city was the first of the many cities across the globe to full under the hordes of the shadows…”

They progressed further into the streets searching for something to fill their bellies and much to their luck they found a blue roofed building. A pokemart. The doors that opened with the use of electricity were stuck causing Rectangle to use Iron Head to force them open.

The aroma of pokefood filled their nostrils as the shelves of the pokemart where filled with goods. Eatable goods.

Wander was ready to devour the nearest bag of pokefood when Deme thought of something.


The sudden rise of Deme’s voice startled Wander who dropped the bag with the result of pokefood being all over the floor.

“Both of you don’t eat it! It is not safe!”

Rectangle answered back with a mocking tone in his voice: “And why is that?”

“Watch and learn”

Deme used Toxic on the nearest pellet of pokefood which exploded with a purple light.


“What is it Wander?”

“Look behind you…”

Three steps behind Deme a Pumkaboo was floating having a strange look imprinted on its face. In addition to that it was a shadow…

Rectangle charged a Flash Cannon and fired it but the pumpkin pokemon was too fast to be hit.

“Wander what are we going to do? If we don’t kill it it will attract other shadows!
Deme started to panic; it had happened again. Three days earlier they had encountered a shadow beedrill. And they made the mistake of letting it live. Of course the beedrill attracted another dozen of them and the result of the
situation was one slash for Wander a large cut for Deme and lots of bug bites for Rectangle.

Wasting no time the bastiodon used flamethrower earning a tiny yelp from the ghost pokemon and a pile of ashes to the ground.

Meanwhile the pokefood had disappear along with all the rest of the goods.

“It was an illusion!” Wander said which caused Deme to face paw himself. Wander was clever but sometimes he could be a bit slow.

“Ok let’s search the place for anything useful! If you see a shadow or something that is not right you shout for help don’t face it alone! Got it furballs?”

Rectangle could be a little serious about this kind of stuff but deep inside him he was kind…usually …

Wander managed to find some canned food in some unused refrigerator while Deme found some dried oran berries. Rectangle managed to find a box labeled ‘Items’

“Ok let’s see what we found shall we?” Wander asked with his usual happy tone.
“Three oran berries, three cans of pokefood and a box with two Pecha scarfs in it! Looks like we will survive another day!”
Rectangle passed the scarfs to the two eevees along with an oran berry. The scarfs could protect them from diseases and poisons. Although the berries filled their stomachs a little they were still hungry.
The trio found shelter in a deserted café. Rectangle went to sleep on a large sofa while the two friends slept under a blanket they had found earlier.

The night was unbearable; thunders sliced the black sky, the rain was hitting the windows hard and a huge horde of shadows were slowly making their way through the city. They had found out that the shadows were more energetic during the night time so they had to find shelter before nightfall. Screams and distant howls pierced the silence of their small sanctum. They had to endure like they always do. Endure together. Forever.

Chapter 7: Good-bye Rectangle!

The sky began to fill up with light. Wander was secretly watching the Shadow Pokemon move at night. Rectangle woke up cranky, as if he hardly got any sleep. “Morning, Rectangle,” Wander said as he greeted Rectangle to the new day.
“Morning,” Rectangle replied. Rectangle nudged Deme so he would awaken from his slumber.

They left the café, not knowing what would happen. As they continued, 3 prides of Shadow Pyroar appeared. Knowing he was the only one strong enough to fend off the Pyroar, Rectangle used his Ancient Power Attack to fend them off, “Run…Run Deme and Wander…We will meet again one day.”

Running as fast as they can, Wander broke into tears as he tripped over a rock, “Arrrrrggggghhhh! My paw! It hurts!,” Wander screamed crying, “I think I’ve sprained it!”
“No good at all,” stated Deme, “Rectangle is fending off the Pyroar so we can be safe.” Deme, wanting to be the one who was the only one able to carry on, wanted to go get Rectangle. “No!” screamed Wander, “what if a Shadow Pokemon come and attacks me? I’ll be able to do nothing!”

Deme thought for a couple of minutes. “I won’t leave, get on my back,” he said after his thinking time. Wander climbed onto his back while Deme found a safe spot…

Chapter 8: A friend in need…

Wander was injured. As they were running for their lives away from the three pyroars and their guardian Rectangle, Wander had tripped and sprained he paw. Deme carried him on his back until they found a safe place to hide and relax a little bit. The safe place was an abandoned hospital at the edge of Lorem City.
Deme entered the ruined hospital and as gently as he could dropped his sleeping friend on the floor. He searched the entire floor for something to help Wander but there was no hope. The few medicines he found were designed for human use. If only he could find a potion or two… Not knowing what to do Deme clumsily climbed the stairs to the second floor.

“What I am supposed to do now? Nope this won’t help… neither will this… THERE IS NOT A SINGLE POTION IN THIS CURSED PLACE?” Deme shouted angry as he unwillingly used Echoed Voice.
Deme’s words echoed through the empty corridors of he building and in return a pair of zubats appeared attracted by the sound.

They attacked with Leech Life; their first attempt missed but the second time Deme was not so lucky. Cold fangs penetrated his soft skin as the two venomous bats sucked his own blood.


The sound of metal hitting a body was the last thing he heard before he dived into the safety darkness offered…

Wander had awakened and he had saved him. The next morning Deme woke up only to see Wander placing an apple next to him.

“Deme are you okay pal? Don’t worry we are safe here.”

“Wander? What happened back there?”

“I heard you screaming and two zubats were on you and from the bite marks at your neck they must have probably injured you hard… You passed out after I killed them using Iron Tail. Now eat your apple you have blood to replenish!”

“Your paw is okay?”

“Its definitely better but I searched a little bit and I found a bag full of potions! A dozen or more!”

“Okay but don’t get too enthusiastic… I will carry you only for today just to make sure it heals properly.”

Wander agreed and after an hour they left the hospital. The night was the same; shadows roaming and destroying every single thing they found, the air was cold and they were almost out of food. The only supplies they had left were a sitrus berry and an apple.

“Deme… I am hungry…”

“Me too Wander… but in a couple of minutes the sun will have completely disappeared and we can’t leave this tree until sunrise. Let’s just share the apple.”

Wander used Iron Tail to slice the apple in half so they could both eat but much to their luck half of the apple fell down to the ground. Adding to their bad luck the apple was beyond their reach so it was either stay up in the tree or climb down and get eaten or worse by the shadow pokemon.

Deme pointed at the other half of the apple and said:

“You need it most take it”

“No Deme you need it take it!”

“No you need it most!”


“Wander just take the apple I am too tired to have an argument with you…”


“Just take it already!”

Wander chewed slowly the apple as the eevee next to him fell asleep.

Deme murmured “Good night…” and in response Wander said “Sweet dreams…” poking him gently with his head.

Protected by the branches and leaves of the tree the two eevees fell asleep.