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Hello fellow PMU Players!
Like RichardG and Zappeh, I also have a YouTube channel. Though I haven’t actually done PMU Videos… yet. Cough

But yeah, I’ll keep updating it like Richard. If you’re new to my channel please show your support by subscribing if you like my content. owo

Thank you in advance~

YouTube channel: … ioJoF9sd9Q

Videos uploaded in order: Smash Bros with Richard || Richard Walks The Plank Pokemon Revolution Online - Part 2: The Forest That Bugs Me Pokemon Revolution Online - Part 3: The Forest That Bugs Me Again! (Viridian Maze)

Another batch of videos uploaded: - Richard Needs A Burn Heal || Smash Bros 4. Moments #2 Cloud And The B || Smash Bros. 4 Moments #3 Pokemon Revolution Online - Part 4: I FREAKING HATE BROCK TYPES Tales of Zestiria English - Part 23: Westrobolt Gorge / Boss: Zaveid 2


Been a long time since I posted here. So I thought why not post? what a reason

Pokemon Revolution Online - Part 12: “No longer a Nub, now a Pilow, but still a Swine”


I only post them two for now since I have a lot uploaded, and don’t want to flood this post with links. xD; I’ll keep updated from now on though.

2nd Video of Overwatch:

Tales of Zestiria Part 29:

Tales of Zestiria - Part 30: