Shorter Late-Game Dungeons

If more late game content is planned, can we have high level dungeons that are around 40 floors long at max? They don’t need to give much loot or obtainable pokemon (except maybe egg versions of some pokemon that are just tedious, so it doesn’t ruin shiny hunting), I just don’t want to feel like crystals are mandatory for me to train a pokemon in many of the later dungeons.

I personally don’t see a lot of logic to add these, this would just make it so that the higher floor count dungeons around that level are ran less because people would just speedrun the short ones with crystals for faster exp.

Maybe in some exception cases such as shortcut dungeons, or smaller dungeons that are part of a bigger construction, I could see this work.


ngl, I kinda like this idea. I don’t think every dungeon that’s late game and “challenging” should be 60+ floors.

Take a look at csfr, without all the gimmicks, it’s a really good, challenge dungeon that really only around 40 floors. I personally feel like we could get more of these challenging dungeons, rathering than just more of the same, but just higher level or like longer.


The logic is right there though. Player doesn’t want to do very long dungeon and would ( seemingly ) rather take a “quicker but less overall” approach

I don’t see how a dungeon being shorter affects It. I assume people more or less clear each floor when training. It’s not any faster If the dungeon Is shorter beyond there being less floors to clear which on Its own, Is less experience overall. No one said the shorter dungeon should have “better” exp. In theory, doing the short dungeon X times amounts to what a full run of a longer one would give you. I think that people would still rather run the longer dungeons since they generally offer more due to their length, which makes perfect sense and Is the entire Idea behind how TC works, with more reward for going farther

This also seems to Imply that every late game dungeon Is made long on purpose, which I don’t know why. I never understood where the tradition of end game dungeons must be 50-60+ floors came from. I would like to know If It was a conscious design decision or just a “well every other dungeon does It” thing

I want to point out that In the PMD games, something like even 30 floors Is actually considered to be difficult and long. The longest, non 99 floor dungeons In RTDX for example are Southern Cavern (50), Mt. Faraway (60), and Far-Off Sea (75). Now this Is generally due to turn based being objectively slower than real time. I understand that. Though another part Is I feel there Is more pressure to prepare well. What you bring often has a big Impact because dungeons don’t spit out tons of apples and ethers and revives even. So you have to think about If you brought enough of your own supplies

There’s also that In PMD there Is rarely an Incentive to go through an entire floor or stay on It after finding the stairs either. I can think of some cases:

  • Rescues Is probably the biggest
  • Searching for sparkling tiles
  • Looking for a specific recruit
  • Level grinding In the 99 floor level 1/5 dungeons
  • Move exp grinding If you have the training status?
  • Vitamins In walls In RTDX

So I suppose training runs of the average late game dungeon taking over 40 minutes Is just a given?

I’ve been wanting to personally time runs of a 60 floor dungeon, with all levels of speed, because I too want precise data on just how long dungeons take to run when training. So far I’ve only been able to do two runs of MJ with both 2x and 4x speed, and somehow the difference was by only 4 minutes, but I believe a run without any movement speed Is over an hour easily

Which begs the question of If we want using Crystals to be needed for an optimal/enjoyable experience. I understand the argument of Crystals aren’t required and It boils down to being QOL but I think It’s a major kind of quality of life. I would kind of hate It If every dungeon run was as slow as normal running speed ( coming from someone who has dropped wall walking ). That’s an hour for like what one level usually end game?

There are advantages to running something longer In general like shard spawns, or really just the specific things that are unique to that dungeon and not the shorter one… It depends on what the player Is looking for on the side. Like yes good endboxes shouldn’t be put In a very short dungeon I don’t think. You can argue making shorter dungeons Is redundant but I think more option Is good, and some dungeons are just going to be better than others whether objectively or subjectively. Personally I’d rather run MJ than SF Garden If I was gonna train say, a Fire type, because It’s shorter, but also less annoying to get to

Which, Is another problem I feel with motivation to run dungeons. I think that our options for fast travel are not completely Ideal. All I really have to say about It Is rest stops are useful, but when you set yours somewhere, you’re also only going to feel Inclined to run the dungeon you set your spawn at. This could be an Intended drawback because “but then people will be able to spam dungeons faster” even though an Improvement would let us run dungeons as fast as we always have been

If dungeon rewards and Item drops were more spread out rather than being able to obtain 20 things In one dungeon ( consistently might I add ), It would also justify the existence of dungeons more

I love TM Blizzard because It feels hard to come across one even today. I totally need more of them but they’re so rare. My personal choice would be to either take a year and a half to go to and run to the end of SF Ice or spam Winden Forest for a while and hope I find one In the walls

It could just be me I really like this system. You can find a rare TM In the baby dungeon but only If you’re willing to spam It enough. Whereas the much longer dungeon probably has a higher chance of you getting It, It just takes longer to run

So In essence, what dungeon you should run boils down to your preference. One player may find It more tolerable to spam Winden Forest or maybe that’s simply their only option at the time. Another may want to train while trying to passively get a Blizzard TM. And that Is what makes each dungeon stand out. Blizzard Is obtainable In a few locations, but It doesn’t feel like there’s an abundance of them even so, since they’re still made rare to actually spawn

Even then this doesn’t take Into account the things PMU lacks In general to maybe not make dungeon running suck:

  • Allies not being visible on the minimap, which you’d think running with others would make runs faster but It’s a bit moot when you don’t know where anyone Is. It’s somehow most efficient to call In Discord and everyone screenshares to each other
  • Lack of hallway sprinting? Maybe It would translate badly here. But so often the dungeon generation decides to make things like this
    The dungeon generation Is very weird compared to PMD and one day I’d like to see It optimized more
  • An Item that lets you see Item or enemy locations on the map ( through darkness ) would be a welcome addition to the held Item meta I think. The Scanner Orb Is supposed to do this, but It would have done nothing due to the minimap not existing before. As such, the Radar Orb for enemies also does not exist. These should be In the game

i second this motion