Should heal pulse's range be 4 tiles instead of 8?

i was looking up info about heal pulse and i realized that in smd and rescue team dx. heal pulse’s range is 4 tiles while in gates and pmu, it’s 8.
i think making it 4 tiles would be more of a buff than a nerf since now it’s harder to heal a wild pokemon by accident and quite a lot of mons learns it, but i want to hear what you guys think? is this a good idea or does it make it too op or too useless. i genuinely want to know what everyone thinks of this idea

i feel like this would give the move a niche of it’s own, but in it’s current state it competes with (and loses) to morning sun/moonlight. even if there isn’t much of a need for dedicaded roles, i enjoy experimenting and finding uses for otherwise overlooked pokemon despite not being needed at the moment. who knows, maybe at some point later, this knoledge will be usefull for someone

Hard pass, personally. 8 tiles makes it so that when enemies have it, they’ll use it on you over their other moves because it’s the only one in range to hit you. I like being healed by enemies.


yeah, i admit. it’s always funny when that happens. but is it really worth keeping the move worthless the way it is just so that a random enemy can accidentally heal you?. it also makes those dungeons harder since now the enemy won’t act like walking healing dispensers and a bit of extra dificulty is always appreciated

I personally think it should stay the way it is. It’s a move that gives a unique interaction with you and the enemies. In some situations it requires some quick thinking so you could turn it into your own benefit, which I like a lot. I fear that if you reduce it to 4 tiles, it would mostly just benefit the enemy, or no one at all.

I’m pretty sure being able to heal your enemy is the niche of it’s own

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yeah, it’s the only healing move that can heal enemies. but what i was reffering to is that it’s competing in aoe healing. why would you use heal pulse instead of morning sun/moonlight for that job?. and the whole point of this change is to actively avoid healing the enemy. or if you want to do so, you can target the enemy you want to heal.
tho maybe it isn’t as good on enemies due to their ai but i just feel like there is a lack of good options. outside of ms/ml you only really have life dew which is shor range and heals the player’s team as well but only for 25% heal.
the change aims to make heal pulse into a consistent and reliable healing move that’s widely accesable, something that’s suprisingly lacking in pmu. but that’s my opinion

i mean i honestly do not see how this would make this any different in competing with morning sun and the like,
it would just make it a shorter range morning sun and moonlight and people would still much prefer those moves over it,

honestly probably even more, due to the shorter range means you have to be closer to your ally to heal them meaning you are in much greater danger with your healer,
sure you may not be healing the enemies as much but if your risking your life for it?
and if it’s just to quickly top off a ally after between battles, having a enemy 8 tiles away dosen’t really matter cause they’ll be at full health anyways since your ally as yet to go punch them,

what if you wanna be in the middle of the fray because your using a really bulky mon and wanna draw away aggro? then the 4 tile range is prob still too big then,
since you would need to run a fair bit away from enemies which will most likely try to actively chase you down which may end up getting your friend murdered in the mean time,

honestly it makes me question why would i even bother not healing the enemies anyways, i mean who cares if i reset my our progress to killing them? i’m also erasing thiers, so for as long as our pokemons are higher stated then them, healing everyone to full hp is still a adavantageous position to be for us right?
cause if your fighting a swarm of enemies, thier way of killing you is many cuts while you kill like 1 or 2 each swing, so healing everyone to full hp after killing at least one is a progress your safely making,

kinda like reloading a save file in a game in a way, reseting till you get the better of the enemy.
sure it slows everything down but it’s safe and effective and reliable :pikathonk:


of aII the changes i might suggest to heaI puIse’s range, a ensimpIe range reduction is not one of them.

usuaIIy battIes are won in 2hitko or 1hitko. heaI puIse doesn’t reaIIy affect those situations.