Since @ClassicSpirit let me out of their basement, I made a Gen 6 tierlist that made me freely express my opinion about fairies without being punished by their Haxorus

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING! I didn’t find any Gen 6 tierlist with all Pokémon, so for some reason, Sylveon didn’t make the cut! But since Sylveon is Sylveon, she’s a straight S-Tier don’t worry

  • prefers key chain over a seadragon and a steam monster
  • They did my boy Pancham dirty with Pangoro
  • W h e r e ’ s m a h p h o n e ? !
  • All fairies on S-tier… and then there’s Spritzee and Carbink. Klefki was accidentally put a tier lower (like Altaria in Gen 3 Tierlist)

uhhh, where’s sylveon?