Single Letter Nuzlocke Challenge

If anyone’s interested in the challenge i’ve come up with, here are the rules:

  1. You have to make a new account to take part.
  2. Only pokemon with species names that start with one letter (you get to pick) can be used. If they evolve into something that fits that criteria (like caterpie in a B challenge) you can use them
  3. You can only get new pokemon if it’s the first recruit in a dungeon, and you can’t ever recruit AGAIN in that dungeon. (Shiny pokemon are exceptions, but they can only be used if they fit the letter criteria)
  4. Mystery eggs can be picked up, but you can only keep one of the hatched pokemon per dungeon. (The same shiny clause as above applies here.)
  5. If a pokemon faints, you have to release it. (Since you can’t release your starter, they’re immune to this.
  6. Event token items are banned, as is transferring items from another account to make things easier. Family items are allowed, as is making use of family item houses.
  7. You win the challenge by completing every dungeon except HT, TC, FF, and SFR.
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