Sinnoh Legend Tier list, because I feel like it

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion so don’t complain or I will find you and steal all your left shoes

19: Dialga Origin

I really hate to have to put this so low as Dialga is one of my favorite pokemon, but Origin form Dialga is just weird. it has a huge cylinder in its neck and it’s legs are stuck in its chest, why did they massacre Dialga like this?

18: Palkia Origin

I never really liked normal Palkia and I like Origin form Palkia even less, they made it a centaur and removed its arms for some reason and it just looks weird. They made both new Origin forms look bad, they did fine with Hoenn’s legendries why did Sinnoh’s turn out so bad?

17: Palkia

I never liked Palkia too much tbh, its part the color scheme and part the abnormally long neck, also Palkia was mean to me in explorers and yells alot T.T

16: Heatran

Don’t really have anything to say about Heatran, it just doesn’t really feel like a legendary. Also looks kindof weird.

15: Uxie

it just seems so… expressionless. it never opens its eyes, it has a really small mouth, and it’s hair looks kindof odd.

14: Arceus

The all powerful creator of the universe!.. it’s a goat stuck in a fence. the design isn’t really too bad, not really my favorite but meh, the problem is this is the creator of the pokemon world, it’s literally God! and yet it’s so underwhelming

13: Shaymin

Also doesn’t feel much like a legendary, but it’s much cuter that Heatran, this is where I start actually liking them.

12: Cressilia

I used to like Cressilia’s design, but then they made its wing thingies transparent and I can only really see a weird looking thingy. Cressilia’s mostly this high up because of it’s old design.

11: Azelf

Azelf is okay, it’s head thingy looks strange though

10: Phione

Phione is a cute little sea bean! it just wasn’t necessary. not sure why they decided to add worse Manaphy but they did, it’s also debated wether this is even a legendary, I considered not adding it to the list!

9: Shaymin but birb

Sky Shaymin is pretty cute and always looks so cheerful, I like the little thing but I like others even more.

8: Darkrai

I like the idea behind Darkrai, and its design is pretty cool too, not much more too say.


I don’t know why I like Regigigas’s design, I just do. It looks mysterious and powerful, and if I didn’t know anything about pokemon I’d suspect this is the creator of the world before Arceus.

6: Mesprit

My favorite of the lake trio, Mesprit looks so happy and cute and its head thingy actually looks like hair

5: Dialga Origin but good

Also know as the original Dialga Origin form, or the orange Dialga from explorers, this Dialga Origin form looks far more similar to normal Dialga’s design, however the orange doesn’t mesh with the rest of its color scheme as well. I’ll admit its mostly this high up from nostalgia from explorers but it’s still much better than the newer Dialga Origin form.

4: Manaphy

Manaphy is cute, Manaphy is friendly, and most importantly Manaphy isn’t redundant like Phione. Just a nice little sea bean.

3: Giratina

Giratina just straight out looks awesome. Almost everything about Giratina screams don’t mess with me, cool metal claw things, awesome headgear, and 6 of several things, Giratina is amazing.

2: Dialga

Admittedly this is also largely due to nostalgia but normal Dialga is pretty awesome too. It controls time which always does cool stuff and its design is just so enigmatic with properly placed armor making it awesome. it really makes me sad how far the origin form made Dialga fall…

1: Giratina Origin

All that stuff I just said about normal Giratina? Origin Giratina has all that and more, now it flies and has more spikes, and its wings look nice and stabby. Also it’s a snek now. It’s sad the other Origin forms are so bad though…