Skin Publishing Guide -For Skin Developers-

Once the graphics used by your skin have been created and placed in the proper folders, you will need to create your skin package. This package can be installed ingame from the “Skins” menu, by selecting the “Find Skin” option and navigating to the skin package of the skin that you wish to install.

Configuring the skin package
Before publishing your skin, it is important to add some configuration information to it. This information currently includes the skin author(s), and the version # of the skin. To edit this, open and edit config.xml, which is located in the Configuration folder of your skin.

You will also need to provide a preview image, which will be shown in the “Skins” menu when the skin is installed. This can be done by replacing preview.png in the Configuration folder.

Creating the package
You are now ready to create the skin package! To do this, follow these steps:

[li] Select all of the folders used by the skin in Windows Explorer (Character Select, Configuration, News, etc)[/li]
[li] Right click on one of those folders (and make sure that they are all still selected!)[/li]
[li] From the “Send To” menu, select “Compressed (zipped) folder”. A new file will be created, with a .zip extension[/li]
[li] Change the name of the file to the name of your skin, and it’s extension to .pmuskn (if your skin is named “Elephants”, change the filename to “Elephants.pmuskn”)[/li][*] That’s it! Your skin can now be installed from the “Skins” menu![/ul]

Pikachu i messed up the note pad and now i get errores idk what to do everything was perfect now i dont know how to fix it!!! D:

Awesome, thanks Pika =)
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