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Ok. So last week, i was hoping to buy an SF mission that someone was selling for 12k. Another player starts playing Auction and tries to outbid me. I inform them that if you wanna outbid me, i won’t be selling mine at a cheap price. They reacted in a negative way, i block, and inform a community.

Someone else fires back by saying selling these high end missions are making us suffer worse. “Before 2019, when you asked for one, someone would give it to you for free.” While that is dandy and all, giving out something for free means there’s no incentive to gain nothing from it except making that player happier.

My question to everyone is. Do you sell high end stuff in hopes to make money for your hard work of actually going through this and that to obtain it or do you just give handouts?

Honestly, I’m sorta gave up on missions in general due to the problem of obtaining them recently. While it’s okay to buy and sell missions, I feel like it’s a problematic money sink due to the negative effects of many of them now needing to be bought just to get high-ranks. In other words, it becomes a “Pay To Win” ordeal in my eyes.

The whole mission board and mission ranks need to be redone since it’s getting worse and worse, especially with the “be online to get missions” problem. I don’t know why offline generation of missions has to be so limited since, if anything, I feel like having a full mission board to look forward to each day would be much better than just having a couple of missions. Many players tend to be busy with work and school, so having a full board of missions to do on their off-time would be so much better.

Back to “buying missions”, I feel like it’s a good market, but it’s also unsafe. There could be a player pretending to sell a mission, get the money they want, then run away with the money without giving the mission. The current market structure for selling missions is highly unsafe. If there was a way to make a way to trade missions for Poké so the buyer knows the mission is real, I would be fine with it.

Meanwhile, handouts are fine because that’s how “sharing missions” begun in PMU. The function was primarily made for that purpose. It never accounted for a market to start up with it. With PMU’s evolving market and playerbase, I feel missions need to evolve alongside it to have proper purchasing relying not just on trust.

Edit: Tidy mentioned in the PMU Wiki Discord about screenshoting the mission and posting it in the chat, which is a good workaround. However, there are players not in the Discord, so an in-game feature to see the details of the mission would be convenient and save a bit of time.

Even with that said, I still feel like the mission board and ranks need to be reworked since the new changes make it ever more difficult for Guildmaster Rank in the wrong way. I’d rather have higher ranks have a higher point count to obtain than have the amount of missions lowered.

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Between reading this and a conversation about the same topic in the PMU discord, I think I’ve been swayed on selling missions. I never thought much of it before, and I think I’ve only done it once or twice. After all, what’s wrong with finding ways to make a quick buck?

But considering how bad the job system really is right now, I think I’ll start handing them out for free. Maybe I won’t get like, what, 5k poke off them? If it’ll make someone’s rank progression just a little easier, I’m all for that. I’m at Master rank anyway so I’m not in a hurry to earn points.

I think you posed an interesting question here :+1:

Same. Even after being offline for 12 hours, i come back to 1, maybe 2 missions. 4 if i don’t play for a day. And they tend to be E’s, D’s, and maybe a C mixed in there. I’m lucky if it’s a star.

Most days, i don’t really feel like playing PMU outside the weekly event. I mainly come on to see my new missions.

The other problem is mission balancing. No, i don’t mean the rewards for the difficulty. I mean that i did a count of all the current dungeons that give missions based on difficulty. There were about 20 E, 10 D, 5 C, 7 B, 9 A, 3 1star, 2 2star, 1 6star. (Ok, so it may not be those numbers exactly but it’s a rough idea). The point is to add more dungeons to balance it out so the different tiers (as it call it) are balanced like a scale. Here are how i consider the tiers
Low: E, D, C
Mid: B, A, 1star
High: 2star+

But the problem i feel is that the missions are hard coded to where Kirk wouldn’t be able to recode it. Which brings me to another idea. Why not let the programmers rebuild the game with code they can access so that nothing’s hard coded for them. This would not only allow them to redesign the look of the client but also the functions of anything that could need a touch up. While i know with today’s lack of staff, it would probably take a long time, i’d be for that.

Edit: But the reason i’m selling 6 star missions is because
1: I have to invest my own poke to stock up for a single run. With an Escape Rope, Stamina Band, Revs, Ethers, Apples. Which can end up costing 30k at times.
2: 6 star missions are end game, or as i consider it, top tier. Sure it’s nice to give it away. But i’m trying to at least get back what i’ve spent stocking up.
3: Giving out a 6 star mission for free is like giving out the rewards to the SF/TC Endboxes for free. While yes, i’m comparing unstable mission buying to items, i consider both top tier. Giving away your hard work without getting anything in return.

Personally, i’ve never sold missions nor had any desire to. most people who want SF missions want to just hit master rank not necessarily the rewards (at least the people i’ve sent missions to)

Also rebuilding the game would take an incredibly long time to do, and I dont think the programmers have the time for this, this would be an absolutely monumental task and I don’t think its very probable or a good idea right now.

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If it’s someone I know and we interact, then I’d give stuff for free. With people I don’t know I’d prob ask for money (depends on the rarity though)

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