Soup Is amazing

Fellas, If ya girl has a hard time describing soup In a way that won’t be taken the wrong way, that’s not ya girl. It’s me, and I’m not ya girl :(

I was also going to make a soup version of the glasses copypasta, but I’m quite lazy. I have things to be doing, which Is exactly why I’m here making a post about soup on the forums of something completely unrelated.

One of the last—or first—times I remember having soup, I did something astronomically stupid. It was very very long ago, but I got sick, so my mom had made me soup. She also left to go somewhere with my sister. Thinking about It, she was probably driving her to school ( cause me being sick I obviously wasn’t going myself ). I had my bed and this black table. It was kind of like a stool, but It was a table. They’re called end tables or whatever?

There was something that I for some reason wanted or needed from my closet. I was much younger, so I was too short to get It. I still am short, but honestly how do most people realistically reach the top of closets without a stool? Regardless, I had the rational Idea to use the table to get up there. I remembered It as me standing on the table with the soup on It, but actually thinking about what happened more, I think I had the soup sitting on my bed, and I made the table fall on the bed making the soup fall. Or maybe I’m the one that fell on the bed.

Either way that It had happened, the end result was that I spilled all of the soup on my bed. I can’t recall what happened after, other than I was sad probably. Sick, spilled soup, and I don’t even remember If I got what I needed from the closet. Good times.

But now, that’s In the past. Soup Is back, and better than ever.

The next time I remember having soup was semi-recently. Sometime last year. Got a covid vaccine shot, proceeded to get a fever from the second shot I think. Which was terrible, the headaches are awful and I slept a lot. I asked for soup since It helps, and the times where I actually ate It and didn’t spill the entire bowl on my bed, It was pretty good. I didn’t fully experience what the soup had to offer, because I was mostly annoyed I was sick and felt bad. It definitely wasn’t bad or at least I didn’t dislike It, because this year I decided to have soup for breakfast one time. I figured If I ate It again In a better state, It would taste better.

Mind you, It’s just classic chicken noodle soup. And I don’t eat the vegetables, whenever I’ve tried veggies they legit make me gag. But the chicken and noodles, with pepper In It, has a quite pleasing flavor. I used to eat the Maruchan ramen cups like many people. My sister particularly really liked them too, so In reality soup Isn’t entirely new to me. Maruchan’s soup-water concoction was more spicy as I would use hot sauce, but It’s a similar taste. I don’t remember where I was going with this, but my point Is that the soup tasted good. Good enough to where I started looking forward to the days I would eat soup. Part of why I like It Is because It’s new. I usually eat the same things on a rotation to the point where I’m starting to get dead tired of them and lose my appetite, but soup was a nice way to freshen things up. I really like that It’s mostly liquid too, I believe more liquidy foods are nicer for digestion, and really It’s just water so all around It’s nice and healthier.

I had soup for breakfast today. It was good as usual. I also had a cup of coffee, and nothing else. I’m working on my laptop, and feeling a bit weak. Any rational person would have eaten more by 8 PM, but my appetite Is screwed. The solution: more soup. Today, I am a chef. The soup I normally have has those big fat curly noodles. My name Is not Gordon Ramsay, so I’m not sure the actual name for them. Ones I used to hate growing up to be honest, but In the context of soup, It’s redeemed. Nice and solid and chewy. On the other hand we have a soup that has thin noodles. They are worse In comparison, but I figured I could combine the two, and I needed to eat more anyway. It looked delicious, It was going to be the best soup of my life.

The broth was definitely thicker. It felt a little less satisfying to sip. At first, It’s okay, but really It was just the big noodles. For some reason, the thin and more traditional noodles just taste more soggy? They really only tasted good when I had enough of the big noodles or chicken to mask the fact they were there. They aren’t even long noodles either. They’re like mini chopped off noodles. This soup I could taste more saltiness In, and I realized soup Is sort of like spaghetti, but water Instead of meatballs? In both cases, you are eating noodles and some meat. The salt specifically reminded me of the saltiness of the spaghetti that I sometimes eat.

I usually have bloating and Issues getting too full, so like a disgrace to soup-kind I could not eat It all. I ate all the big noodles, and the slim ones are just objectively, Infinitely worse. Two wrongs don’t make a right, a wrong and a right gives you something mediocre. I guess I’m not feeling as weak anymore though. Maybe 2, technically 3 soups In one day Is a bad Idea. Maybe I’ll need some chocolate, like Nicholas Cage did because he was feeling nauseous from rotisserie chicken. Or maybe It’ll be the thing that finally tips the Iceberg and makes me vomit.

Why Is soup amazing, If I spent several paragraphs to talk about how I made a cursed big-and-small-noodle-soup hybrid? That’s just how we roll apparently. I’ll probably feel better the next day and go back to craving It.

Also soup Is a food, not a drink. You’ll notice that I never said I drank soup. That sounds stupid. I will say, that It can maybe depend on what type of soup you’re eating. If It has solids, then definitely you don’t drink It. But If It’s entirely a liquid, I guueeeessss It’s a drink? Even then, when you get a drink, you say you’re getting a cup/glass/bottle/can of the drink. I don’t know anyone who gets their drinks In bowls. It’s like calling cereal a drink; you can drink the milk after, but while you’re consuming It, It’s a food. The closest thing I’ve seen to someone getting a drink out of a bowl, Is Mamizou pouring her sake In a sakazuki, which looks exactly like a bowl, but Is still referred to as a cup. Because that makes sense, I’m sure of It.

Now that I’m looking at the animation again, It looks more like a plate. At that point, why bother? Can’t you drink It out of the flask? You can pour so little onto It, how does one satisfy their craving?

I got checkmated by someone who Isn’t real.


Not to mention it is the main character of Soup Mario Broth :flushed:

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Miso soup is to die for sometimes, if its made right.