South Outpost Island shortcut

The south outpost island is reachable is reached by beating mineral cavern and it opens up to two other dungeons being southernsea and cresent islet,
there is a short cut to get there and skip having to beat mineral cavern every time, however it requires the player to beat sourther island,
now this has been the case for like forever, and nobody said anything, so what’s the issue?

The issue is the recent reworks that have been made to both mineral cavern and southern sea, which made both much harder,
in the past it wasen’t a issue to have your short cut unavaliable cause mineral was only a couple of floors, now it’s a serious fully fledged dungeon with 30.
you can’t ask someone to beat that dungeon every time to access another dungeon like cresent islet and southern sea which are very hard dungeon which take good work to beat for the first time,
there is a spawn point you can set on the island but that only helps if your the correct level to beat the dungeon or are just farming it over and over again for a recruit or loot,
if your a new player looking to beat a dungeon for the first time the awser is usually to poke your head in, get beaten go grind some levels and then try again, repeat till you succefully clear the dungeon.

unlocking the shortcut dosen’t even save you from getting the bed if your a older player anyways since the treck to get from town to the shortcut is still very long and annoying so having it is not that much more convient,
having the shortcut locked behind southern sea is just purely unnecessarily incovient to the new player, the dungeon often has new players choose the wrong exit and not end up in southern islet the first time without help too! so this makes the shortcut lock being even more punishing, as it means your whole run was for nothing, because you used the exit that brings you back to the entrance of the dungeon.
which was added for “convience”.

so this brings me to my suggestion to change the shortcut to south outpost to require having beaten mineral cavern rather then southern sea,
that way a player is no longer hard punished for making a mistake in choosing the wrong warp in the end of mineral cavern and end up feeling like the game is making fun of him.

I have absolutely no clue why the shortcut asks for Southern Sea while you get HM Surf in Mineral Cavern and other HM spots often have a check for the dungeon that gives you the HM (Like Tanren Mines for Rock Climb) so you can’t sequence break your way into late game dungeons.

I’m fully on board with this, Southern Sea is fine on its own.


Mineral Cavern + Unlocking shorcut = it just makes sense!