Stuck in Far Thunderstorm Forest

I was just minding my own business, exploring the Thunderstorm Forest and getting pretty far… but as soon as I reach Far Thunderstorm Forest 6F, I hit a Monster House and even after I close that text box, I can’t move. I can’t use my moves. I can’t use my Escape orb to leave the dungeon… I can’t even seem to send a message. I think it’s a glitch, but I’m worried that if I close and reopen the game it’ll still be stuck like that… and I don’t know if there’s a way to replicate it… all I did was hit Enter when the “monster house” text box appeared and I was stuck like that. Is this a common issue?’

OS: Windows 10

Not a common issue. You should be able to log off just fine - if you run into any issues you can typically get help in our support channel on discord fairly quickly.

oh. thank you then… hey wait, didn’t I see you in game in the center of the first town?

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