Stuck on login screen

I was finally about to battle the boss on Jailbreak Tunnel, and as Zorua’s cut scene appeared, I tried to switch pokemon into my main one. However, the game glitched out and the screen went from dark blue (boss feature I guess), into a clear screen and my pokemon was invisible and the other pokemons (Zorua, Aggron, Magnezone) were in their idle sprite. I waited 10 mins and I decided to quit.
However, after trying to login plenty of times (10+) I decided to login via my secondary account and it was useless. I even made a third account in order to try to login, and even that was not possible.
As a last resort, I decided to post this in the forum since I can’t reach anywhere else.
(I also tried to use my main account on this forum but I forgot my password and the reset link doesn’t work, I don’t receive my link to reset via email D: )

Close thread. It got resolved by itself. However, I still can’t receive a password reset link to my main account, if a mod could help that’d be great.

Hello, I’ll let an admin know ASAP so your password issue can be solved! For clarification are you talking about ingame or forums password?

Im talking about my forum password, account name is thelordest but for some reason the link to reset password doesn’t get sent to me in my mail :(

im having a problem with the logging in screen too lol