Suggestion: Lower Kecleon's shop prices

You heard me. Advanced players are literally preferring to resort on House Shops (an awesome feature) because of Kecleon is extremely high price items system.

Lower the price a bit for example, for the Reviver Seed. Each one costs 1250 Poké on Winden’s shop, but cost 500-600 in my shop (sold out), Avalyn’s Shop, Espyria’s Shop, AbraKadabra’s Shop, and so much more!

So, do you guys agree with me that Kecleon’s items are overpriced and should get at least the tiniest discount?

Disagree, Veteran players sell most of this items because training or farming stuff from high level dungeons, basic items like Apples, Max Ethers, Revivers, Etc. are common in those dungeons.

Let’s not break the boundary between “Player Base” Economy with NPC Economy. Otherwise no one will buy from other players.