Suggestion: Rare Candy-like item

Self-explanatory. Almost every RPG has an rare item that increases your level by 1 instantly, and Pokemon is no exception! The creation of the Rare Candy really helped some players to avoid having to wait millions of years to level up their Magikarp to Gyarados since they caught it on level 1 in Unova’s Nature Preserve… Level 100 Pickup intensifies or something like that!

But really, we should bring a Rare Candy item to this game. However, I really don’t see the Rare Candy being on the game. However, I see an item (custom) with the same effect with the “Mystery Dungeon Touch” (Seeds intensifies This meme is approved by @Seedlings ) - Introducing, the Rare Seed! This Seed can estimulate the Pokemon’s genes to make the consumer instantly grow a level!

But you guys may be muttering to yourselves: “Wouldn’t that make grinding to easy?”. I answer with a big, loud “NO!”. “Why?” - You answer as your ears are ringing. You see, you know how Rare Candies really are EXTREMELY hard to get? Make the rarity of the Rare Seed be equal to how Rare Candies are. Now, wouldn’t that make the item rarer than it should?

You guys are probably flat out disagreeing this question. Let me point out something for you guys. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon has a different method of EXP. If it was equal to the one in the main games, you would get a Level 100 almost instantly, and that would take all the magic from the game. Since the game spawn almost 100 Pokémon a 10F dungeon run, that’s why the game made 10 times harder to get EXP. And since PMU is a Mystery Dungeon fangame, it is no exception.

But how we make it hard to get, but not AS hard to get as a Rare Candy or something like it? We can make Rare Seeds a 5% chance item to get in all kinds of boxes (Nifty, Wooden, Deluxe, you name it! - Note that would include End/Secret Room Dungeon Boxes). That would not only make Xatu’s Box Opening System AND the seemingly useless Togekiss’s Egg Trading System even better, it would ALSO make you collect more boxes. I mean, we almost NEVER collect Dainty, Cute or Gorgeous boxes, am I right.

Sorry for the wall of text (should be expectable for Suggestion and Contributions, but it isn’t for some reason), but what do you think? Do you want to argue something to make Rare Seeds easier/harder to find? Increase the Xatu box price because of the new item? Write the ideas as a reply just below the great wall of text (lol)!

Don’t mind me - Just calling out some staffs so they can see my post: @Andy @Kirk @Seedlings @Turtwig_B

There’s already a Mystery Dungeon equivalent to Rare Candies called Joy Seeds and they are already In PMU. The last ( or only? ) time they were available was like 2017’s anniversary HC or something ( I wasn’t there for It so I may be wrong ). I doubt staff would make them available outside HC though so I don’t really have an opinion on how they should be obtained. Also you should probably not tag staff members. They always read suggestions eventually even If they don’t respond, It’s not really necessary and might be bothersome. image


Sorry, never knew about the Joy Seeds. And about the Joy Seeds thing, if the chance of joy seeds in boxes where real, it would have 1% chance to actually be balanced lol

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