Surf still hitting allies


Is there any chance the move Surf will no longer hurt teammates. I really don’t understand why it still has not been given the same treatment to every other (previously) ally hitting move in the game. It’s been YEARS now.

Yes, I understand that people can use it for niche team composition but that isn’t a valid reason to hinder majority of the player base on behalf of a minority, I’m talking maybe about 10 people max. You could do this with moves like Heat Wave and Flash Fire but Heat Wave was still changed. So why is Surf any different?

When you’re training a Water-type, for majority of them Surf is usually the only option we have as an AOE. I just can’t wrap my head around why it’s still like this. Surf isn’t broken. Water-types aren’t broken. There are plenty more powerful AOEs but Surf has this age old quirk still attached to it. It just blows my mind.

Last I recall this topic being on the forums it was a year ago and put “under consideration” do we have any update regarding this?

If Surf isn’t going to be updated, at the very least I think it would be nice to introduce Muddy Water as a TM (It’s a TR in Gen 8) and update the movepool of all the Pokemon that can learn it. That way Water-types have an AOE that puts them on an equal playing field as all the other Types.