Swadloon Is amazing

Fellas, If ya girl:

  • Looks cute when angry
  • Makes you want to keep her warm
  • Depends on you

that’s not your girl that’s

If you think I’m biased towards Gen 5…you might just be onto something.

You may or may not think the mid evo of the generic bug of a gen for this Is ridiculous, or maybe that’s actually Venipede? Well, this Isn’t about him, so I just say that’s too bad.

I think this picture speaks for Itself:

Swadloon Is probably one of the most relatable Pokemon. It’s based off a hikikomori, so with the pandemic going on this has likely been the situation for most of us for a while. With W1nt3r’s approach, It’s safe to say we’ve also been mimicking the little man’s leaf blanket. Sure you can put any one Pokemon In a blanket, but what If It were the entire premise?

I don’t think I could say no to that face, but probably not yes either; I can’t guarantee you Swadloon would care or have any Interest at all In what you’re talking about. It lost all Its hope and dreams when It evolved and realized the world Is a dark, dark, scary place.


Okay, but this Pokemon knows how to make clothes.

A bug Pokemon that hasn’t even reached Its final form, has already achieved more than me In life. When I’m all snug In my blanket, all I can afford to do Is lie there In bed depressed. But Swadloon has already reached godhood. How does It sew with little nub hands In a blanket? TOO BAD, you don’t get to know.

Never spend hundreds on a coat again. If you gathered a lot of them I’m sure you could bust clothes lines for those boutiques. This Isn’t about Pokemon labor, though. Capitalism makes you do mad things.

Swadloon only evolves with high friendship, because It needs someone to go out the house for It. You will take good care of your hermit and you will like It. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure that somewhere far, Its Leavanny mom will be coming for you ready with a Leaf Blade to your throat from miles away. I have no doubt those leaves Leavanny’s got for hands are literally razor sharp. I always thought of the little leaves on top of Swadloon’s head as a vague resemblance to scissors.

“Bu-but Swadloon Isin’t even strong!!”
Kindly consider the fact you can use Eviolite on this. The enemy can’t live If you outlive them. Also? Dual-typed? Talk to me when you get all Silks and Dusts.

Swadloon literally help the environment.

Imagine minding your own business In your day to day life but also still contributing to the ecosystem just doing what you enjoy, and nothing more. If I ever reincarnated as a Pokemon, Swadloon may truly be the best choice.

Hear me out. Sewaddle’s family Item In PMU restores your HP to full when you switch floors. Did you know this line Is the only non-legendary to have a family Item that does that? I’m telling you… I’m sure Swadloon lives In solitude because It was secretly a God, shrouded In mysterious backstory that we haven’t connected the dots to yet, and finding a trainer to help It see the light of life again gave It a new form In Leavanny, and will then finally live In peace.

Or maybe It’s just me.

It’s alright Swadloon, me too :(


Hmm yes, Poképark 2 bug that enslaved me to get 50 leaves 5 ribbons.

Jokes aside, Swadloon is cool.

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Alright but Gen 5 is still Best Gen Totally Not Biased Either


this is my faovirte forum post thank you so much i love swadloon

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