Sweets Tileset (and etc...) - Entry #2

With the extension of spring break for my uni due to Covid-19, I decided to dabble with a dungeon tileset themed around the latest sweets pokemon: milcery and alcremie. :gift_heart: :nerd_face:

Hope y’all like it!

Here’s the overall spritesheet (image in actual size):

and here’s the grid-formated spritesheet (image not in actual size):

Other notes:

  • I did want to include other decorations for the icing like sprinkles to make it less bland, but there’s already confetti sprites which could substitute for it pretty well.
  • The alcremie and milcery sprites are still [WIP]
  • Feel free to hit me up (on Discord, Dibei [료 민수]#6915) on any dungeon tileset ideas for me to do over my boredom… :v:

The tileset is really creative, amazing work as always Dibei!


Looks tasty. I’d eat it.


this looks really, really good dibei!

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Glad y’all like it ^^

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very nice :+1: cant wait to use it!

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Update 27 March 2020:

  • Added texture to frosting
  • Removal of background for complementary assets, cherry, and wafer+waffle
  • Redid shading for ice creams



Looks like something that could be in the game! I really imagine now a late 30s dungeon called Sweet Strasse with Swirlix (Glomp 5%), Spritzee (Glomp 5%), Milcery (2.5%), Vanillite (11.25%), Applin (3%), Slurpuff (Glomp -2.5%), Aromatisse (Glomp -2,5%), Alcremie (All forms and unrecruitable), Vanillish (1%) and Vanilluxe (Unrecruitable)

The boss could easily be Flapple & Appletun. Ngl this look sick!