Tanren Chambers Items

TC is an unfriendly dungeon in the current meta, despite how large it is in volume, complexity, and work to create it. The time put in to completing the dungeon most often doesn’t match the effort it takes. Combined with traps and other RNG factors, most players will only run it a single digit number of items, if more than once. Though, this is just my opinion and what I’ve seen.

There’s a poll below. Feel free to share.

  • Increase food/ether spawn rates and add revives.
  • Allow a small number of items entering the dungeon.
  • Allow items entering the dungeon.
  • Keep as is.
  • Keep as is and increase rewards.

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I’ve actually been planning on writing a thread regarding this very topic, so I figure I’ll share some of my thoughts here.

I believe the best option to improve the Tanren Chambers experience wouldn’t involve any of the options above; rather, I’ve got a few of my own ideas I think would be beneficial.

My biggest idea would be to add guaranteed items to certain floors - for example, Normal f5 could spawn a big apple or a max ether 100% of the time. Other items, such as status scarves and reviver seeds, could also spawn in this way. This would help alleviate some of the pain caused by RNG item spawns.

Another one of my ideas is one I’d really like to see, but may be quite controversial. I think Removing Tanren Keys Entirely would improve the experience tremendously. This would not only open up more paths, allowing for a more customizable experience, and making it so players aren’t pressured to use the Wiki’s guide to complete the dungeon.

I have a few more ideas to improve TC, but these are my two most prominent ideas.

Honestly, I feel like TC is good as it is, except maybe rewards. Having it’s own special thing i feel like is a really good idea. E.G. There are very few dungeons that don’t let you bring item, or even switching around. At the end of the day, it’s an end game dungeon. It’s mainly for exploring. Hence the entrance area is called tanren exploration.

However, I do agree that we shouldn’t just lock everything behind tc. While tc is niche in it’s own way, some may not like it. Too difficult, tedious, etc. Fossils is a prime example of this. The only way to obtain fossils except for a select few is from tc. And usually they are all put in 50F+ range. Futhermore, the chance of getting it is a mere 1 in 4 chance. While it sounds good on paper, it could be really annoying to g through all those hassle just for that chance, especially when you look at most other reward are usually useless.

Many of the tc exit floors also have no point of doing them, since it’s hassle and poor reward. I personally think the earlier exit floors (not the very early ones) could really use better items. Things like higher chance of selling item or rarer TMs.

Like the comfey key and jangmo-o key can also be put in as reward from grass/fighting path respectly.