Tanren Mines. (and Rock Climb, by extension)

So I not-so recently made use of an old alt to start relatively fresh again and… Rock Climb isn’t quite that fun to be able to use.

My first – and probably biggest problem – is that there are dungeon clear blockers, yet not even five tiles away from marking the dungeon as clear is both a Kangaskhan statue – which isn’t the problem – but also a notice saying that you need a pokemon that can learn rock climb to progress. Why is that a problem, you ask? Because in the next room – the one that registers Tanren Mines as complete, there’s a warp to take you to town. The easiest fix is to move the notification one room over, so that people don’t go through the dungeon, see the notification, and escape before being able to use the HM in places where it matters.

And my second problem? Rock Climb can only be taught to specific Pokemon. Now, that in itself is obvious of any HM, but Rock Climb in particular seems to have a much smaller set of Pokemon that can learn it. I suggest adding the HM to the learnsets of the pokemon that can learn it via breeding and level up. Doing it that way won’t change much of anything, except lower the amount of frustration players feel when they have to hunt down a new HM slave for it because they didn’t pick a Bidoof.