Team Goobers base!
i don’t know how to upload it here to be honest aha, but anyways
this is my house! it’s for my team in magical raising project (consisting of me, ZYX, komai, and maxlos!!!)
(it’s like exploration teams in a way? lol)
the house is the base :3 and there’s two seperate areas, Promissium Town and Limber Forest!
i worked really hard on it hehe, i’m sort of a newbie to map editting but i hope it looks cool :3 please give me your thoughts!!

I like it kekekek

of course you do T _ T lol

Heyheyhey! I absolutely LOVE this map! Here are my thoughts on it:

  • Overall, this map is visually appealing to me :O I especially like what you’ve done with the forest! Patches of grass that are scattered across in a pattern than them sticking to each other…eh, hopefully you know where I’m getting at. Also like the little lake (?) there~ Would recommend very well done with this area.

  • Love the little town area! The thing I like most about this is that you’ve used another path tile to distinguish from the main path. Because of that, it passed off as a town for me very easily (aside from the buildings you’ve added there, but from a screenshot-bird’s-eye view, it would take me 3 seconds rather than…let’s say, 5 seconds to catch the town. Probably a small detail, but hey, it works. This is honestly something I would not do myself normally. Good job! Though inner corner tiles are lacking, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Think you could add a few rocks and lighter patches of dirt to spice it up a lil’ bit.

  • Now the savanna (if that’s what it is?), quite large, could use a little more detail and variety…unless if you were supposedly going for something barren. Would recommend you add those dead/dry patches of grass located in the same tileset as the one you’ve used in your forest area. Perhaps a few rocks here and there to compliment it.

  • Transitioning to your gardens could be worked on, especially since they are different shades of green. Perhaps something to cover it up. Alternatively, you could mask over the grass with something…not sure how to explain it to you, but I suppose I could quickly demonstrate with a screenshot:

See how I"ve used those tiles to give transition (and depth) into the yellowy sands? These are tiles one would normally use to map rivers with, but it could work like this too :D Also spices up your map by a lot!

  • For the interiors, I am personally not very good with 'em so I might not say much about it. The only issues I have with it are that the outer corner walls and doors look quite awkward, but this is probably because interiors have many limits. The center room also looks quite empty…but I assume you have yet to add things into it, no? :o The other rooms look cute otherwise.

  • Overall (this is the last one, I promise!), you may want to avoid rectangles with your main path, like you’ve done with that one area (I spy a tiny error, but it could be easily fixed of course). You want to hit it juuuuust right as well (not too shapey, but not too rectangular I guess?). Master that, and your maps will become

Hopefully I didn’t bombard you with a huge wall of text, lol. Though, I highly encourage you to keep practicing. This is really good for “a newbie to map editing”, unlike most I’ve seen! Great job, and keep up the good work efina!
I’ll be looking forward to your future maps~


ah!! thanks a lot, it really makes me feel good about it, hehe]
the area outside of the forest, or uh, savannah does feel a bit empty, i plan on working on it! as much as i’d like to add the same patches of grass to it, i worry it’d make the forest stand out less i suppose?, i added patches of grass there so that it felt and looked like it was overgrown and like an actual forest :3 however i’ve considered adding r ocks, i’ll probably do it next time i updated! i also fixed the small little error in the pathway that you’re talking about previously, i noticed it too and it bothered me! ahhh! :>_<:
with the town, too i definitely want to add dirt, rocks, ect and other things too so i will take that advice! 'cause, sometimes it still just feels a bit empty to me ; n ; so i’ll work on that too! i’ll also work on the transition between the garden and the town if i can find tiles that fit well enough!
as for the house… ehe, yeah, the corners are incredibly awkward, i agree tbh, i really don’t want it to be that way but i was really limited, so it just kind of looks weirdly placed in the map, but i hope it’s not too much of a bother, it doesn’t bother me as much (though still want to fix it daily O_O)
thanks much though! i appreciate it a lot :'3 really glad you like it~

Wow this was extraordinarily mapped nice work will you be planning to make more places? :o

McLoving it !

sorry, hehe, i just saw the new mesages!

i dunno, this is the base of our exploration team so… if anything i might just update this lots, rework it entirely at times and such!

Ooh, I remember coming to your house a while ago when you guys were all hanging out there and had a shop running! I really like your house, and it’s super great for someone who’s new to mapping! I wish my houses had looked this nice when I’d first gotten into it! :]

I’m not super advanced when it comes to mapping either, but if you’re looking for advice, the main thing I’d suggest is a bit less foliage in the ‘plains’ area of the map, but more variety in what kind of vegetation you’re using, like some patches of flowers or other such things that’d fit in with the theme you want to keep, but give a more natural appearance rather than having just one plant ‘species’ surrounding the town. Maybe some rocks and such too if that’ll fit what you were going for. I feel like a good way to get ideas for how you want your map to look is by thinking about how the ‘people’ who lived in the environment would interact with it. So, maybe there’s no rocks, because the Pokemon who lived there dug them all up and moved them out of the way when flattening the land to make a town, that sort of thing. If you want to, imo cliffs and hills also give maps more of a natural and alive look. After all, there are going to be some places where the land naturally raises or lowers unless it’s been made to be that way by sentient beings purposefully changing the shape of the land, or forces such as glaciers. Square bodies of water also tend to look ‘man-made’.

Sorry, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m putting you or your map down or anything, I think it looks super great! Was just giving some tips that have sort of helped me improve and practice mapping more. :D