Team Spice (PMD Story/stories)


But oh my gosh hi guys it"s me your best friend Fenya Dreemurr and I really love writing!!! Oh gosh diddly dang you know I do!!! I"m not really sure if I"m any good at it yet because I"ve never really posted my writing anywhere public, but I hope you guys enjoy my silly little stories ;v; Writing is one of the few things that I genuinely enjoy; and it can be any type of writing. I"m currently a B in English and I have an A for SPAG (spelling and grammar)!! this doesn"t come across very well in my normal typing but i am pretty good at the ol" grammar stuffs ;A;
Anyway time to stop rambling and get on to the IMPORTANT PART!!! 8D

I think I"ll use this initial post for character descriptions, and then reserve 5 posts for actual stories ;v; I really hope you guys enjoy my writing style, noowww onto team spice"s descriptions!

[spoilerPepper (the Leader):1j5i9ek7]Name: Pepper

Theme: Run Boy Run - Woodkid / How Deep Is Your Love (Chris Lake remix)

Nicknames (if any): Peppy, Fledgling (Salt only)

Age: Fourteen (14) human years

Species: Empoleon

Gender: Androgynous (biologically female, though prefers they/them pronouns. Will fiercely defend their choice if repetitively called “she,” as the pronoun makes them uncomfortable.)

Occupation/Role: Leader of Team Spice. Makes most of the important decisions, like what to eat for lunch, what colour of scarf to wear. You know, the essentials!

Notable Traits: (Since Pepper is pretty much my pokesona, they share much of their personality with me. This does not mean that I would do what Pepper would do, or vice versa. Pepper is fictional; I am not [I hope])

Pepper can be quite egotistical at times, and absolutely revels in praise. They realise this is a bad thing and try not to let their ego get in the way of things, but it does lead them to make selfish decisions that can affect others" wellbeing sometimes. They also has quite bad social anxiety and, being an ambivert, need time to recover after being thrust into social situations. They have incredibly low self esteem and body image, and has potential to crumble if you insult them. Through their teammates" help, they are working on this.

Pepper has an incredible zest for life and is always asking questions, some of which don"t have answers. They love to learn and are a lot smarter than they let on; having a real passion for the sciences - especially biology - and social sciences. They adore puns and similar jokes, but their real love lies in their ability to turn almost anything into innuendo. They are a bit of a comedian and love using different silly and suggestive voices to make their friends laugh!


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[spoilerSalt (the Strategist):1j5i9ek7]Name: Angharad

Nicknames (if any): Salt (widely used, as she does not usually tell her birth name), Old lady (Wasabi only, as anyone else who uses this will get a clip round the ear), Silverwing (Old outlaw name. Is ashamed of this name, now), Annie (No longer used. Does not really respond to this, may get teary if called by this name)

Theme: in progress!

Age: Doesn"t really have any kind of age in her appearance, although she is 20 human years old. Only a select few people know this, as she only has a select few friends!

Species: Skarmory

Gender: Female

Occupation/Role: Member of Team Spice. Makes the other, less important decisions. Like buying supplies. Or deciding whether to go into that really cool but also really hard new dungeon that was just found and yeah maybe it could kill us but oh well you only live once-- … Seems pretty simple!

Notable Traits: Salt is very stoic and reserved, and is generally the brains AND brawn of any given operation. She doesn"t really emote much, and although she is capable of it, she prefers not to for personal reasons. She is incredibly fast mentally and physically, and is like a calculator personified. Her version of fun is a hard puzzle or brainteaser. She adores figuring things out and finding hidden meanings, which translates very well into investigative skills. She analyses almost everything she deems necessary to, which leaves her with a bit of a headache at the end of the day, as “almost everything” is quite a lot.

Salt is not a very skilled fighter and prefers using speed tricks and carefully timed attacks to pick off her enemies, instead of rushing straight into a battle like Pepper would. She"s very light on her feet, but her claws are her most powerful ally. She has rather phenomenal hidden strength and can strike very quickly with her feet, causing quick although low damage in long bursts. She uses her wings to her advantage and hides in shadows, striking from above whenever she can.

Other: It"s no real secret within the team that Salt used to be Silverwing, the “immortal” Skarmory outlaw. In truth, Salt was only a part of “Silverwing.” The “immortal” Skarmory was actually Salt and her two siblings, Rhys and Lloyd. When one of them was defeated, another would take over while the tired sibling recovered, thus sparking the title of “immortal.” Silverwing mostly operated as a gang of thieves, or “a thief,” stealing food for their sick mother.

Angharad/Salt was the face of Silverwing, and was the one that usually did most of the hard fighting to protect her younger brothers. Pepper and Wasabi are the only other Pokemon that know Salt"s full “backstory,” as Salt met a younger Pepper while trying to steal from Pepper"s home town. The then Piplup didn"t seem phased by Salt"s menacing appearance, and kept asking her what she was doing. They fiercely defended their home, and their determination and pure willpower resonated in the older Skarmory, causing her to get a little bit teary, and finally agreeing to stop fighting. The rest is history. well not really but I"m getting lazy now and can"t be bothered to write the rest


[spoilerWasabi (the Mascot):1j5i9ek7]Name: Wasabi

Nicknames (if any): Little one (Salt only), Fluffy (Pepper)

Theme: Don"t Be So Hard On Yourself - Jess Glynne / Drop Pop Candy - JubyPhonic

Age: 8 Human years old - mentally and physically still a child.

Species: Galantula

Gender: Male

Occupation/Role: Member of Team Spice. Wasabi is super sweet and pretty much loved by all! He has the very prestigious role of picking the colour of paper and the stickers that are used to send official letters from the team!

Notable Traits: Wasabi is incredibly happy-go-lucky and has barely any anxiety or sadness in his big heart because he just doesn"t allow it! He"s a natural cheerer-upper, and it"s a very hard task to stay upset when around him. Although he is very childish, he probably falls in love with almost every female Pokemon he meets day to day. He is incredibly silly but very cute in that sense, though! Pepper likes teasing him about his various crushes and infatuations, which is met with an incredibly red-faced spiderfriend and a big shove in the side.


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