Terraswarm Hive - A Dungeon in the Undercity

Given I had a lot of fun creating Primordial Oak, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a second custom dungeon. I put a little more effort into this one than I did with Primordial Oak, so I hope you enjoy!


Floors: 40
Level Range: 55 - 65
Rest Stops: No
Natural Weather: None
Secret Room: Floors 20 - 40
Mission Rank: 2*
Mission Floors: 24 - 38


I wanted to use some lesser-known songs from recent PMD games. For the dungeon itself, I decided to use Ochre Quarry from GtI (A heavily underrated song in my opinion) and Prehistoric Ruins from PSMD.

There are 3 little-known ambient songs in the PSMD soundtrack that play during the game’s climax. I figured those would work well here as well.

Silk Grove: PSMD) Ambience Arrangement 3
1 - 20: GtI) Ochre Quarry
21 - 40: PSMD) Prehistoric Ruins
Secret Room: PSMD) Ambience Arrangement 1
Weeping Nest: PSMD) Ambience Arrangement 2
Weeping Nest Boss: SwSh) V.S. Macros Cosmos’s Rose
Hive Summit: PSMD) Within the Sadness

New Items

Training Seed: Grants the user a 2x EXP boost on the floor used. Sells for 100.

This item would be rare, but incredibly useful for training. I think it would be an excellent addition given how grindy training currently is.

Lasso Orb: Brings all the floor’s enemies to the user, as well as granting invincibility frames. Sells for 100.

Same reasons as above. This item would be useful for training. It would be a bit more common than the Training Seed, as it’s more of a time-saver than a direct EXP boost.

Revive All Orb: Revives all fainted party members nearby to half HP. Cannot be used to revive the user. Sells for 1000.

Weaker version of the Restore Power. Not much else to say.

Sale Orb: Creates a shop tile where the user is standing. Sells for 500.

QOL item for those with a perpetually full inventory.

Greed Sash: Converts certain items the holder picks up into Poke. Amount gained is equivalent to its sell value, and it can only convert items with a sell value of 250 or below. Sells for 2000.

This item would be niche, but I think it would be really fun to use. I’m not sure how useful it would actually be, but I made it incredibly rare just in case.

Underdog Ribbon: Grants the holder 15% more EXP points. This boost only affects Pokemon under level 50. Sells for 500.

QOL for EXP All trainers.

Trade Band: Increases HP by 40 points, but decreases EXP gained by 50%. Sells for 500.

Most likely an incredibly niche item, but would be fun for either very low leveled Pokemon or level 100 Pokemon.

Phase Ribbon: Allows the wearer to pass through enemy Pokemon. Sells for 500.

Could be useful for speedrunning / shiny-hunting in low-level dungeons. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement, honestly.

Coalition Scarf: Causes the wearer’s moves to deal 15% more damage if there’s another player within 8 tiles. Also grants the bonus to the nearby player(s). The effect stacks up to 4 times, based on the number of players wearing Coalition Scarves. Sells for 1000.

This item would be fun for party-runners. I’m not sure how useful it would be, but I could see it being used occasionally.

Swarm Key: Used to unlock a door in a secret room. Sells for 333.

See below.

Secret Room

The secret room contains 3 Deluxe Boxes. 2 are sealed behind separate locked doors, each requiring a Swarm Key to unlock.

This secret room would be moderately common; I wouldn’t want to cause too much frustration for players looking for a Greed Sash.

Normal Box

  • 50 Ekop
  • Revival Herb
  • Revive
  • Restore Power
  • Revive All Orb
  • Honey
  • Silver Powder
  • Bug Diamond
  • Training Seed
  • Rare Bone

Swarm Key Boxes

  • 100 Ekop
  • Revival Herb
  • Max Revive
  • Restore Power
  • Bug Diamond
  • Rare Bone
  • Greed Sash

Hive Summit

Located after the Swarm Chamber boss. Contains 6 piles of 5 Ekop and a single Deluxe Box.

The Swarm Key would probably be slightly more common than the rest of the items. I’m thinking 1 in 7 or 8 chance instead of 1 in 11.

Box Items

  • Revival Herb
  • Training Seed
  • Silver Powder
  • Wonder Dust
  • TM Leech Life
  • TM X-Scissor
  • TM Infestation
  • Underdog Ribbon
  • Trade Band
  • Phase Ribbon
  • Swarm Key


Upon entering Silk Glade

The player notices 2 Pokemon: a Ribombee (Dana) and a Beautifly (Bloom). They turn and see you.

Dana: Hello. Who are you?
Dana: [Player]? That’s a weird name.
Dana: You know, we don’t see many new faces around the grove. Even the toughest brutes of the Undercity don’t ever come here.
Bloom: Help us…
Dana: You’re here to assist us, yes?

The pair turn around and enter the hive.

[Player]: What was that all about? Guess I’d better follow them.

Upon entering Weeping Nest

Dana and Bloom are in the room.

Dana: Oh! [Player]! You came!
Bloom: Please… Help us…
Dana: Shush, Bloom. Let me do the talking.
Dana: You’re wondering what we’re talking about, no?
Dana: Our hive started out rather small. We were simply a peaceful community trying to survive in a harsh environment.
Dana: But over generations, our numbers grew and grew. Like, there were only a few of us, right? And then, BAM! Out of nowhere, our hive’s thriving!
Bloom: Please, Dana… Don’t drag this on…
Dana: Shut UP, Bloom!
Dana: Due to our large numbers, we’ve encountered a real serious problem.
[Player]: A problem? What could she mean?
Dana: Yes. We’re in desperate need of help. How fortunate it was that you happened to show up!
Dana: I suppose I should explain what’s wrong.

The screen goes black.

Dana: You see…

Visibility is regained. The player is now surrounded by several Vikavolt and Beedrill (4 of each).

Dana: We’re hungry.

Upon Victory

Dana: Ughhh…
Bloom: Owwwwww…
Dana: How could someone like YOU defeat all of us by yourself?
Dana: The treasure of the hive lies ahead. I suppose that’s the reason you came, is it not?
Dana: Just take it. There’s nothing we can do about it. Take it and don’t ever come back.

They leave.

Boss Drops

I won’t provide boss stats as I’ve got no clue what the norm is.

Mushroom - 25%
Electric Diamond - 5%

Mushroom - 25%
Flying Diamond - 5%

Honey - 85%
Coalition Scarf - 15%

Big Mushroom - 100%

Item Sprites

I created a few sprites for the new items. I am not a very good pixel artist, so most of these are the result of scaling down official art and touching up the sprites.

Training Seed Training Seed
Lasso Orb Lasso Orb
Sale Orb Sale Orb
Revive All Orb Revive All Orb
Phase Ribbon Phase Ribbon
Greed Sash Greed Sash
Coalition Scarf Coalition Scarf

Dungeon Data

These external links take you to documents I created regarding the items and Pokemon that can appear in Terraswarm Hive.

Item Pool

  • Ekop content should be between that of Undercity Catacombs and Caustic Sewers
  • Honey appears semi-frequently in the walls. I figured this would give players without a Honey Gather Pokemon a fairly decent way to grind it.
  • Two-Edge Orbs are currently TC exclusive, so I added them in TH, albeit rarely.

Pokemon Spawns

  • I added recruitability to some of the early-game bug Pokemon, including the currently unavailable Blipbug.

Final Notes

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any suggestions or balance changes, feel free to comment down below.

I’m aware this will most likely never be added. I made this for fun!
However, developers… if you’re reading…


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