Thank You <OwO<!

2019 will end soon in about few more days and to be honest we have really been having so much ups and downs feeling throughout the year. There was a time that we thought PMU would be down, forever and we might not able to see each other again.
But after all, here we are, still staying strong after all these years. Our close-knit community continues to grow bigger from time to time and i’m glad that i found you guys in time. My contribution for this game is close to nothing, but the reason why i wrote this because i want give my appreciation and my gratefulness to all the staff members that used to/have been running the game since it first released. They have contributed their own free time, their own efforts so that we can enjoy the game like today. Despite they made some decisions that weren’t satisfied players, sometimes maybe a not-so-good or delayed events but you have to consider they don’t get paid with anything, they are working for free. Me myself used to be a mod in a mmo game before and i have to admit it was a stressful job even if i got paid. I had so many criticisms on me and even death thread from players that weren’t satisfied with a nerf or a change of their favorite stuffs.
So why don’t we players spend little bit of time to pay tribute for people who don’t mind spending their own free time to bring joy and happiness to us. Without them we would not be able to enjoy this wonderful world and we would not be able to know each other. Thanks you guy for everything and i hope 2020 will be a wonderful year for us all, no more unnecessary drama and such. Only peaceful and enjoyable world to play in!

  • From an AFKer in town

(Sorry for my bad English since it’s not my primary language here. I tried my best to cover it in Google Translate so i hope that will express everything i want to say) (also i would add some images here if i knew how to, sorry :P)


It’s alright,I feel the same as you.

who are you again???