The Android games you tried and liked

Maybe nobody will bother to post here or maybe many of you guys play games on computer. But, it’d be fun to find out new games and try them out. So like, just post the Android games that you like. (:

Mine are The deer god, Mortal Kombat X, Dungeon Hunter 4. I can’t remember the others, though. (I don’t know if this topic was discussed before. I just couldn’t find.)

the problem i find with a lot of android games is that a lot of the decent ones take up way too much space, or require constant memory-grubbing updates that are more trouble than they’re worth. although i’m biased to the simulation genre, i’d have to say that my favorite android games so far were KAIROSOFT simulator games, such as their island survival game and “happy home” game, i think it was called. the virtual villagers series is also good to pass time with. i’ve downloaded smaller games here and there, but a lot of them were simple time-wasters like “knot fun” (where you’re literally untying knots for points).

fire emblem awakening was my most recent android game and man it made me remember how much i love tactical rpgs. even if it’s just a watered down version of it essentially, i found the characters interesting and found myself logging in every day for rewards. i don’t have it anymore though, rest its soul.

have u ever record games with mobile recorder ?

Tap titans 1 and 2
Gun Girls Z

there are several accessible games for android. The following are some good games for android:- text fiction, an accessible z-code interpreter;- golf, minesweeper and zaradnik from bfg;- star traders rpg;- if you really love nteractive fiction, son of hunkey punk can play both z-code and TADS 2/3 games (be sure to switch to paragraph granularity to read the incoming text); And - if you’re on a tablet, VGZ sea battle is boatloads of fun. Hope this helps.