The Anime Discussion Topic (People wanted for the Team)

Hello guys. Welcome to the ‘The Anime Discussion Topic’, ran by Ezza and I. I decided to make this topic for all of them people who like Anime’s. We will bring news on the new releases, etc.
So, which Anime’s do you like? What is good about them?
It can be anything. (As long as it’s sensible).

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         Sharky (Head Reporter (1) 
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         ShinyUmbreon1998 (Co-Head Reporter)

We are also wanting some more reporters to report more about the anime’s. We cannot do it alone, so if you feel like you have the qualities and skills to be a reporter to report about anime’s, please PM me.

You can also put awesome posts of some videos of anime’s, music of anime’s and anything else related to anime’s.

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anime <3

i got a question on one. theres rumor of a remake but when i search i have a hard time finding more information.
its the only most random anime ever. more random then bleach. its… drumroll

bobobo-bo bo-bobo

this anime is an old one. but it makes you smile sooo much. rumor has it that Don patch is gonna star in a new anime, Fluffy Don Patch. but im not sure if it is still a manga.

Rated: PG13 (only because it got a guy in underwear and some strong words, but those are rare)

btw, can you all guess this voice actor?

Alright, I guess i’ll kick things off. So, what about the Pokemon Anime? Had to be picked, I guess.
So yeah, what is your favorite Series of the anime? Mine would have to be Advanced Battle and the first ever series. Why? I prefer the characters, Brock, May, Misty, (My top favorite 3). I would say that Pokemon Black/White 2 series is cool, I like Iris, not the biggest fan of Cress though.
So? What’s your opinion of this? What’s your favorite Series? Characters?

UPDATE: Ezza will now be running reviews, she will be running around asking people reviews, so please have one with her if she asks. (optional though.)

I have no clue, unfortunately… I will try and search it up as well, with the help of my friend Ezza. I’ll notify you if I find out any news/info on that. (Ezza might be posting and not me.)

I have no clue, unfortunately… I will try and search it up as well, with the help of my friend Ezza. I’ll notify you if I find out any news/info on that. (Ezza might be posting and not me.)[/quote]

ahh thanks.

also, fave season: advance battle.
fave chars: misty, ash, drew, and may. also brock.

'Sup guys!
So, I think I’m going to do a review of my favorite anime, just to start things off. And maybe after reading, you may want to watch it as well!
In this anime, Fairytale, you will be following the adventures of a girl called Lucy, who is a celestial wizard who wishes to join one of the big Magic Guilds. One day, she meets a boy called Natsu and his friend Happy (note: Happy is a talking cat). Natsu is a wizard and helps Lucy join the most well known guild of all. Fairytale!. After, they do missions and stuff like that. That’s like the main plot of the anime, but there’s more to review then just that!
You see, one of the reasons that I just love this anime, is because of the music. The music just fits in so well with the show. Happy moments with happy uplifting music. Dark moments filled with suspenseful, low scary music… I also really love the beginning and ending music of every episode. And at the end of each show, there’s a little chibi animation, which just puts a broad smile on my face.
Also, the voice actors for each character just fits the character PERFECTLY! Lucy, a young happy girl. Natsu, a fiery excitable teenager. Happy, defiantly a voice I would associate with a talking cat.
Really, this is just a great show to watch, and I HIGHLY recommend it!
Unfortunetly, it’s a PG 14, but if you can watch it, it is great!
I have decided to give you, the reader, the link to the first episode. And here it is!

Well, thanks for reading!
Toodles! :la: :la: :la:

I have not found anything about new Don Patch in a new anime, it could just be lies for all we know. I’m sorry I couldn’t find anything. I have not heard of this Anime before. My deepest apologies.

I have not found anything about new Don Patch in a new anime, it could just be lies for all we know. I’m sorry I couldn’t find anything. I have not heard of this Anime before. My deepest apologies.[/quote]

ahh ok thanks anyway.

Alright guys: New Anime - Naruto. Heard of it? Really popular manga/anime.
What is it about?
Naruto is about a couple of young ninjas, Naruto, (The main person), Sakura, and Sasuke. There ambition is to come the strongest ninja they can possibly be. But Naruto has another ambition as well as trying to be the strongest ninja as possible. His dream, ever since he started training, was to be a hokage. A hokage is a special type of person, or you could say rank. It makes you like a legend, and when you die, your face will be carved into a big wall with the other hokage’s. Minato, Naruto’s dad is a Hokage, who died when Naruto was born. Naruto hopes to fulfill his Hokage challenge, just like his dad, Minato.

So that sums it up. If you wish to watch some anime’s of Naruto, click on these links. They will be part 1, 2, and 3.

Hope you enjoy and give comments about it. Thank you.

From the Team Leader,


The reason I like/love this is because it has such cool action, battles, language… it’s fantastic, especially if you keep on watching it further and further.

Hi guys! I recently just found a new anime, which will get released on the 5th of April. It’s called ‘Date A Live’. Here what it says:

The anime adaptation Date A Live is created by studio AIC Plus+, based on a light novel series written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. In the “new generation of boy-meets-girl” story, a boy named Shidou Itsuka meets a spirit girl who has been rejected by a devastated world. The girl, who Sido names “Tohka”, happens to have wiped out much of humanity 30 years ago, and now she is back. The only way to stop her is to date her. (based on ANN synopsis)

Exited? I am. I have actually been studying this. I can’t wait till it gets released on the 5th of April.

So, are you exited for it to come out? Leave a comment!


'Sup guys!
So, a few years ago (probably two) I came across the anime show, Keroro Gunso, or I think in English, Sgt Frog. At the time, I watched about three episodes, and got bored. Recently, I remembered the anime and researched it. So far, I have watched at least nineteen episodes, but don’t say that’s not a lot, I started two days ago, and the episodes
are nearly twenty-five minutes long. And in total, there is actually 358 episodes in total. So I have a lot of episodes to watch.
Ok, so it’s time for the main plot. A few years into the future, the Keroro Platoon, (a group of five frog like aliens) come to Earth to invade. Thankfully, they all crash, and the main leader, Keroro, goes and hides in the house of the Hinata Family. Through out the episodes, new frog aliens come into the story, and they try to take over. Thankfully, Keroro is to childish and incompetent. And he would rather spend his time indulging in his hobby of making plastic Gundam models than take over Earth. Soon enough, they all become friends with the Hinata family and other people who found the rest of the aliens.
I really enjoy this show, as it’s action packed, funny, and original, even if it started in April 1999, but I guess that means it’s a show for any age. Also, there’s a few plot twists, which may either confuse you, or surprise you. As well as that, in each episode, when a character is either, annoyed, or scared, it will say it in the background, so you know whats happening.
This is going to sound really weird, but I just love the theme song for the show! It sort of explains the aliens getting used to human life and stuff. And the ending song is like, all the aliens doing a disco or something. But literally, I try and sing the theme song every time I watch it.
So, if you want to watch it, here’s the first episode!

This one is in Japanese, but it has English subtitles!

Toodles! :la: :la: :la:
(P.S: If you do start watching it, Tamama IS a boy)

I see we have some really popular Shounen Jump animes going on here. Here are a few (possibly) famous titles that I like. Naruto and Bobobobo… are not my thing. :s

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fate / Zero (Only 'cause I was a fangirl of the Fate Universe.)
Madoka Magica
Tiger & Bunny
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Usagi Drop

. . . More. xD;

Anyways, if you’re trying to go for the real stuff, you should check out some up to date sites regarding this type of content. They’re always helpful if you need something to watch.

Thanks for the shows Agunimon! I’ve heard of Fullmetal Alchemist, but I’ve never gotten around to watching it! And I’ve also watched the first episode for Madoka Magica, and it seems very interesting! It reminded me of a mange I’ve read, I can’t remember what it’s called, and I don’t have the book in possession, but in it, children could get these eggs (from there souls I think) and they would be called Character Eggs. The eggs were the person you wanted to be, and would help change you.
When the girl who was friends with the cat thing was holding an egg, she changed, and it reminded me of that. Just a side note, but if anyone knows what the book I’m describing is called, please let me know!

Toodles! :la: :la: :la:

Thanks, Agu! Information taken, thanks!

gonna talk about an old anime~

ok, so has anyone heard of this anime? MÄR

It is about Ginta Toramizu is a 14-year old junior high student who is portrayed as a normal video game geek and a struggling student. without warning, he finds himself summoned to the mysterious world of MÄR-Heaven which he has only seen before in his dreams and in his mother’s books. its a fairy tale world, Ginta’s physical weakness are replaced with superior physical strength, incredible stamina and endurance, and being able to see without his glasses.

Upon meeting a mysterious witch named Dorothy, Ginta is introduced to the powerful magical accessories and weapons called “ÄRM” (pronounced air-um). Dorothy plans to steal the mysterious ÄRM Babbo from a trap-guarded cave, and brings Ginta along to assist her, intrigued by his unusual strength and abilities. Babbo is revealed to be an extremely special and unique ÄRM, as he possesses a will of his own and the ability to speak. Displeased with the fact that babbo is so cumbersome, Dorothy gives Babbo to Ginta instead taking the guardian arm that guarded the chest, departing with a warning that others will try to steal Babbo from him.

if i tell you more, it would spoil this anime. its japanse run was: 2003-2006, but for us it was the year 2005-2007

Just wanted to say:

Oh my god. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S just came out. <3


I really should start watching anime. Apparantly there are threads all over about it.

You should, Anime’s a really popular. :p And they’re awesome and funny to watch!

A really really old anime:

Dragon Ball Z anyone :3?

Yep. Soon turned into a Video Game… loved it, very much… GO KID GOKU.