The Currently Airing Anime Disscussion Thread!

So people like Japanese cartoons.

tl;dr If you already understand what I mean in the subject line, feel free to post your opinions below!

I really like japanese cartoons. Call me an enthusiast if you will. And given the fact that now a days I spend more time lurking on the PMU forums then actively posting I figured I would a make a thread to talk about Currently airing anime. What people are watching, what people recommend, and what people enjoy.

But hey, let’s have a Q and A. For those who don’t understand what I mean. Maybe you don’t know about watching show’s in season. Maybe you’ve never done so. So I’m going to drop a train full of wonderful knowledge from a floating balloon several thousand feet in the air. I will rain upon you knowledge that you can use in your everyday life and hopefully progress your general knowledge on this wonderful world of eastern animation.

“So like, how do I know what is airing?”

Good question hypothetical question person! Usually anime is categorized into four seasons, You know! like the regular seasons. Spring, Summer, Winter, and then fall. [The best season] Of course as you guess right now is the fall season. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean anything different then the other seasons. All seasons behave the same way, it’s just the time of year. Usually a quick Google search can point you to a chart that shows what’s airing.

[Side note: People like charts. Charts are nice.]

And with a quick google search I found this nifty place that has charts that are organized and also everything is so pretty.

“I guess that’s all the questions I had.”

My simple and straightforward train of knowledge can do that to people, only sometimes though.

So Yes! All of that aside, for Those Tl;drers. Here is the part where I tell you what I’m watching. With my typing hands.

[Note, I’m not going to sum up what the show is about formally. Wikipedia is both a friend and a safe place to go to for the summary of plot.]

Amagi Brilliant Park:
So this is another wonderful adventure brought to us by kyoto animation. Who if you don’t know about, then you might be one of the few, non tl;drers. Kyoto animation is known for such shows as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Free, Clannad, Full Metal panic the list goes on, I assure you.

Here’s my short thoughts. MC bro is like, Alpha man maximum. He is proud to be himself, He is Egotistical, in a good funny way and clearly knows how to get things done. The man has style. I won’t give everything away to you, but basically this show is about him turning this theme park around. Shenanigans ensue. Many of them do in comedic fashion. If you want a light fun comedy this season. This is one of your better picks. I mean really. I don’t see why you could hate on this show. I mean I guess if you’re squeamish and fan-service and don’t find egotism funny. Maybe you won’t be down for this ride. Ha. Like it’s a amusement park so…

Moving on.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de:
Can we please talk about Trigger. I want to talk about Trigger, If I could I would turn this thread into a Trigger thread. I love Trigger like I love Ice Cream Sandwiches. I assure you that Trigger is amazing, previous works include… I don’t know… Kill la Kill and INFERNO COP!

Can we talk a bit about Inferno Cop? no?

Moving on.

This show is about a group of kids who get superpowers and live their, “Everyday life.” Clearly MC has the best power. I mean who doesn’t want the Dark Flame? I want the Dark Flame, you want the Dark Flame. Clearly and undoubtedly the best power. let’s be real. This show is a slice of life comedy, with a twist.

[Side note: People like twists.]

Also Grateful lover is best girl, Fight me.

Psycho-Pass 2:

Okay, That was needed.

Moving on.

Psycho-pass’s second season. It’s like a future cyberpunk cop drama. Although this one requires you to either have watched the first season, or go watch that. Like soonish. I have to say So far I don’t know where this one will go. There has been some interesting developments. Have to see if it can live up to Hyper Oats.

[Side note: People like Hyper Oats.

So yeah! That’s the few shows I’m watching this season. Of course Log Horizon 2 is also on my list, but I need to go back and watch first season. So what about you? Are you watching any shows I’m not? Do you different opinions on what is and isn’t good. Do you want to talk to me about Trigger? I’m curious to know what’s on your list this season. Let me know!

(Sorry for a short post and I can’t explain things well ;_; )

I’m currently watching Log Horizon Season 2 and Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works]!

I got into Log Horizon when the first season came out, and has been hooked onto it since |D
As for FSN…I just happened to stumble across it while browsing for things to watch~ I eventually played the visual novel of the series for both two routes, and I found the story really good~ (That’s just me) I’m really looking forward to those two!

(I tried watching Inou-Battle, but I wasn’t sure if I should continue since only the first episode seemed interesting to me xp I could probably be wrong though since I didn’t give it the three episode rule yet…)

I’ve heard good things about fate/stay night in general, and right now Yatterman and I are watching Log horizon’s first season. Of course so far it’s been amazing. So I look forward to continuing it.

A friend of mine also wanted me to watch fate/stay, but I haven’t go there yet, I think I might of saw the first episode or two, but then I got busy. I’m sure that I’ll be starting off Log Horizon season two before long.

As far as dropping shows it’s best to go with your gut. I know last season I was watching a lot, and one show I dropped without even realizing. I would say that so far, although Inou-battle is made by trigger and I must praise them I think brilliant park so far has been a more enjoyable show. But some people are really off put by fan service, and so for those folks I would recommend Inou-battle more.

If we catch up in Log horizon we should all watch episodes together if we find the time, I know Candro is already caught up on second season so far, that would be hella rad.

All I can say is Terra Formars.