The first PokePark 2 Nuzlocke rules ever!!!

So my little brother has been really sick lately and me being the awesome big brother that I am I decided to buy him the only pokemon game he didn’t have, PokePark 2.

In my opinion the two things it has going for it are the beutiful graphics and the southing music, NOT the gameplay (which wasn’t too bad just very easy…) ANYWAYS somewhere along the way of playing through I decided that it would be a lot better if it just had a little challenge to it, then it hit me a nuzlocke run! Thus I consulted The Googel unfortunately the internets seemed very insistant that a pokepark nuzlocke DIDN’T exist, not one to give up I tried many different methods yet I continued to find no results.

Then I decided to be the first to make one, so without further hesitation I present to you The PokePark 2 Nuzlocke rules! [Note: Refer to this as “The Captain’s Nuzlocke” if you talk about it.]

1.) If any one of the 4 pokemon is defeated in battle it is “Crippled” and can no longer battle, chase or do anything other than absolutely necessary tasks (IE: Oshawott swimming, snivy high-jumping, ect.)

2.) The only situation that pokemon are revived is when they are temporarily separated near the end of the game.

3.) [Optional:] Before finishing the game you MUST become friends with all available pokemon.

4.) You cannot use assistance in battles.

5.) You must rotate a pokemon out for the duration of one battle [Note: It must be a battle, not a chase or anything else] after they have participated in a battle themselves so they can “rest”.

6.) [Optional] Every time you enter an area you must battle its strongest pokemon [IE: Crookodile for cove town] regardless of weather you have beaten them before or not.

And thats about it, got any rule additions or comments? If so leave them bellow.

( I know this is late, but…)

  1. Eeergh, I don’t know about this idea. Some bosses are hard(though the game is seriously easy in general), and if you were to do rule 3. it would be almost, if not, completely impossible because type advantages/disadvatages are dangerous. Also, snivy is a necessity for chase, and losing it will be horrible. This all depends if you’re going to do rule 3, though.

  2. Does this mean the anticlamatic sequence where everyone has to touch a bell? Because there is no fighting involved, so. Or does this mean Pikachu vs Darkrai?

  3. ^ @ rule 1

  4. Handicap rule. Next.

  5. Can you even rotate during a battle? Pokemon are dead if they lose, so why ‘rest’?

  6. This all depends because everyone has different opinions on it’s strongest pokemon. Or does this mean like the mayor/boss/owner?

I’m late, but I’m confused what happens before you get Oshawott, or if all but one pokemon is dead.