The games you play when not playing PMU

I feel like this topic probably has been made before, but I’ll keep the topic short and sweet.

Outside of PMU, what other games do you play? And to a lesser extent, why?

Lately, I’ve been playing two games… Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
The things I really like about Puzzle & Dragons is that it’s one of those games that’s easy to play, but hard to master. Being that it mixes the collect them all nature of Pokemon and the match three idea of Puzzle League/Bejewled, without corrupting itself to be one of those “pay to win” games.
The things I really enjoy about Monster Hunter is partly the challange that the game presents, but also the fact that the game squarely places your success in-game on your skill, your knowlege of the game and it’s monsters quirks, and your ability to work as a team with other players to overcome adversity. It also helps that my siblings play the game too. :’:

So how about you? What other games do you play?

pokemon showdown

Pokemon Solar and Lunar

I play alot of halo, its my favorite xbox game. I also play gears of war and i used to play alot of call of duty but im slowly drifting away from it lol.

I’ve recently purchased Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Borderlands 2, but the more long-term staples have been the Fire Emblem franchise, Civ 4, League of Legends, and Spiral Knights. I’ve played my fair share of Rogue Legacy and Torchlight II as well. @_@

League of Legends, Showdown, Elsword, ROBLOX (to pass time), Don’t Starve, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, Toontown Rewritten, and then there’s mobile games, xD. :joy:

I play a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing, the old Spyro Games, usual console stuff, but I also occasionally play other games with my friends like Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom, WOW, and Terraria. I spend most of my time playing PMU however as of late xD

I got a gaming PC about a month ago so outside of PMU I’ve been playing a lot of Sonic games (I bought a bundle of 'em months back) and GTA V. SO MUCH. Not sure I can even explain the last one. Sonic’s fun because of the variation and good parts of different games, GTA’s just fun shooting my friend.

super mario 3d world and pokemon alpha sapphire

When not on PMU I seem to find myself playing online stuff like Lioden or otherwise. PMU is the only ‘multiplayer’ thing so far.

Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
Smash bros.

yeah as you can see i have 0 things to do in life :^)

Honestly, I just play too much video games. Games like Minecraft, Pokemon, Pikmin, Call of Duty, Midnight Club LA / Need for Speed. I tend to go outside and play a lot of sport though ! School also. ( :< )

I mostly play Steam games. Which are: Aura Kingdom, Rose Online, Primal Carnage, Terreria, and Dino D-Day. If those are not adv-able I spend my time editing music and uploading them to my site.

I have played console games throughout the years, but nothing regularly other than PMU!
A game I have recently been playing, since I am unable to get onto PMU recently, was the game Undertale!
I am sure many of you have heard of it, but I would highly recommend it! It’s a game that grows on you. owo

Wiz was ranting about it for a solid two weeks or so and a friend bought the game for me (now I owe him one). It’s quirky, captivating, and pleasantly original. Give it a shot. :)

i play a lot of Guild Wars 2 as of recently !
but aside from online games, i’m a huge JRPG nerd >:3c. the Shin Megami Tensei series and its many spin-offs (especially Persona and Digital Devil Saga) are probably my actual life blood |D ! Fire Emblem, Rune Factory, Disgaea, Kingdom Hearts, TWEWY, and Final Fantasy are also some other series I enjoy, but any mention of SMT or Persona or any other SMT spin-off and i will squee.
and for PC games, i’m trying to get into the Dragon Age series, and i also really enjoyed Undertale (like reaaaaally enjoyed). i would be lying if i said i wasn’t on the verge of tears with Life is Strange because it’s so good. also the usual Steam games like Terraria, Portal, Battleblock, etc. are pretty good.

I have been playing a lot of super smash bros 4 (3DS) online, it’s a nice past time, I also play a lot of pokemon pearl, it’s my favorite pokemon game in the series honestly, it wasn’t my first one and sure it may be slow but once you get used to it, it’s amazing, plus underground was a thing! I’ve also been playing Mario Party 2 (solo :cry: ) and some melee and Tales of Symphonia since it released on Steam.

Way too many to count lol

Stardew Valley
Minecraft Java
Hollow Knight
Pokemon Rejuvenation

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