The Guild of the Month competition!

Today, I am announcing the new Guild of the Month contest! This contest will reoccur every month. The members of each guild will work together as a team to complete each monthly challenge. Doing this will accumulate points for each guild. At the end of the challenge period, the guild with the most points wins the prize!

How to enter

Two weeks after the start of every month, a new challenge will appear. For each challenge, a new thread will be posted in the “Events” section of the forums. One member from each guild that wants to enter should make a post there. That post will then be used to keep track of the “evidence” for that guild. At the end of the two week period, the guild with the most points will claim the title of Guild of the Month for the entire month!

Now i only wish i had a guild of my own… x3 Sounds very interesting!

Awesome, when i make STaR, ill make that guild win

Sounds interesting… Too bad I haven’t made my guild yet :L

No need to own a guild guys, just be sure to participate! A guild won’t be good with just a good leader, it needs those fantastic members . ;D

Excellent idea! Hopefully this keeps the community active and more enjoyable! ^.^

I kinda think we don’t have enough guilds for this.

This is kinda unfair since my Guild has a very minimal amount of people to choose but Guilds like KR’s have 30+ people, making this one sided and as Dandy said, I dont think there are enough Guilds. :/

Chill (no pun intended) dude. This isnt for the competition and the whole “OMG YAY. MY GUILD IS GUILD OF THE MONTH YYAAAYYYY!” And prancin around sayin YYYAAAAYYY like Elmo.

This is for the fun of it.

I’ll be happy to try and get my guild to maybe do a few screenshots here and there, maybe an ht expedition or two…

Yeah, we don’t have that many guilds in game as of now. But I think this would be a great motivator and promotion for guilds. Give some great in game excitement.~
I would think only good would come from this though.

@Ribbon Try and be a more respectful when addressing people. It makes it seem like you are mocking the other person, though I see where you are coming from. Just be more insightful please. :)

What do you mean accumulate points for the guild?

For example; the winner of each competition may get 10 points, 2nd gets 5, and 3rd gets 2.
The staff may make a topic with a leaderboard with points on it, and maybe at the end of the year, the team with the most points could be the guild of the year

This seems intersting. Gonna enter for PMU Council


Hiya party Animals,

what are the prizes? and…for example…im not the leader of my guild, but i post screen shots of it…will i still get the prize?

best regards
he who is EXALTED in moonlight

No Exalted you wont get prizes…
If you read carefully the guild which will win will have the name: “Guild of the Month” above the guild name the hole month…

Edit:We are not animals…

Well, i think this pretty much screwed up. Dont think they ever was a winner to the first one.

I was just thinking the same thing, hasn’t it been a month since the first competition?
Maybe the winner will be announced once the 2nd competition is started.