The Inviting Orb

Coming from Winter Holiday Cave, I’m certain we’re all familiar with what this pink orb does.
Increases recruitment rate by 25% (aka a Golden Mask and a Soothe Bell) or 35% (aka a Golden Mask, a Friend Bow and a Soothe Bell) if the Pokemon that is being attempted is shiny. It makes up for not being able to carry the mentioned items in brackets inside of Holiday Cave. Except there’s one item that is in a desperate need for representation. The Pokemon Gift and its instant recruitment potential:
After the chaos that has ensued today and during the whole HC, I propose to have the Inviting Orb be buffed to give +100% recruit rate either if it’s shiny or regardless of if it is or not. Clearly the resulting recruit rate of ~50% from the current buff that it gives is not sufficent to make up for the lack of Pokemon Gifts.
Either that or go with the Revival Powder/Medicine approach of having an item which instantly recruits one Pokemon, but you can’t leave the dungeon with it.

Regardless, leaving Holiday Cave shiny hunting in its current state of needing 3 successful rng rolls for a succesful recruitment (A shiny spawns, it’s the one you want, you recruit it) is very likely going to repeat the events that transpired during this HC. And now, on that note, I leave you with an image I’m sure most of you will begrudgingly resonate with:

I am sorry if it caused any adverse reaction. Plz explain this better than me.

i’m neither for or against you.

however i noticed you Ieft out one cruciaI option we have yet to pIay.

  • aIIow pokemon gifts into hc

we can bring event tokens and passes into weekIy events, which teIIs me they can micro what they aIIow and not aIIow to pass through the barrier. Iet pokemon gift be one of them.

or i mean that’s an option on the tabIe. i’m not for or against the idea i just wrote. just brainstorming

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Rather, the weekly event entrance locks you into only having tokens and passes and most of the events ask you to leave your tokens in the nearby Kangaskhan rock after you use the pass.

Allowing only gifts into hc could be a solution, since gifts are in the shops there. But I dunno how it’s coded and thus don’t know if it’s possible.

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