~~The Magical Raising Comic~~

So I decided to make a Comic, but not just about our guild ((it’ll be the main focus))
about the whole of Pmu! I’ll be putting players of PMU into the comic, i’ll be trying to get all the small plot of Pmu and tying them together to make a good plot, plus my own about the guilds origins in!

with fun side stories included! so I hope you all keep an eye out, I’ve decided to upload the entirety of Volume 1 here, and I’ll be uploading 1-2 pages every Friday! I hope you all enjoy and look forward to this!

Until I find a better place to upload these







This looks really good so far! I’m excited to see more.

I’m usually not a huge fan of comics, but this was quite worth the view. Your drawing style is very adorable. Genuinely looking forward to more.

Thanks guys! I’ll try my best to keep it up! really really appreciate the support <3

very great comic!!! i said it before because i’ve seen it earlier but i love it so very much!

Page 1-2 of Vol:2 has been released!

Tell me what you think about them!

aaah this update looks so good! im excited to see more of the comic! i really love your art style!

Page 3 of vol2 is up

sorry there isn’t two pages updated, I didn’t account for being busy this weekend aaa

if I can get it done, i’ll have 3 pages for friday

I’ve updated Fridays + moday update

sorry about being late like, I had posted them to the guild, but then I got wrapped up in the switch keke

we are coming to the end of Volume2, and I realized I made a mistake with the cover,but our own Minamiandthesea had created some Fanart and with her permission I used it as Vol: 2 cover <3

I hope you all enjoy this!

6-7-8 page have been uploaded, my upload schedule is up the wall atm, I might just do three pages for Friday, that way people get more pages than Monday and Friday, and I don’t stress out about missing deadlines!

Aaand thats Vol2 wrapped up! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did drawing it!
Vol3 is going to be sorta like a tutorial, with a guest artist! how exciting is that?

and don’t worry, I plan to have many cameo appearances in the comic as I can! so look out for you Pokemon :3c

Vol3 will commence not next week, but the week after, to give me a chance to start drawing them so you guys don’t have to wait when I miss a update!

This is looking great.

Loving the vol’s keep them up. ^^

Yasss Living <3

Ooh, this is super neat, Leafy! Will def stay up to date with your comic. :]