"The Mystery of Reverie's Forest" [Sign Up]

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“The Mystery of Reverie’s Forest”
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon based role play.

"Welcome to the town of Ramdé. It is a modest town of humble beginnings sheltered deep in Reverie Forest. It is a blessing upon any unfortunate souls who happened upon it, a shelter to the horrors of the forest.

Many a traveller had lost themselves within Reverie’s acres, and you were one of them. Whatever the reason, be it explorations, a cry for help, the search for treasure of possibly even an escape from danger; whatever the reason, it was a bad one. For it is not only feral Pokemon who reside her, but monsters themselves. Monsters with a lust for murder.

Thankfully you did not encounter them and the journey was relatively peaceful, except you we’re still lost, but have no fear! You’re in Ramdé now.

These people are friendly and can help you with whatever it was you came here for…right?

There’s something odd about this town… Stay alert.

[tl;dr : you entered a magical forest, got lost and now you’re in a town. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do.]

Sign-Up Rules:
-Any Pokemon allowed.
-Remember, no god-modding.
-This is optional, but try to make your moves somewhat for for practical use rather than pure battling. Using ember to light your fires is more efficient than Flare Blitz.
-Have as many characters as you want, just be sure you can handle them.
-Please!! If you have questions, ask me. I’m here to help you with this. c: (eww I sound like a teacher)

Sign Up

The profile. A useful set of information to provide insight to a character.
A pain in the backside to make.
Lets make this brief. I like you and you hopefully like me, so I’ll make it easy for you.

Accessories: (can be items in your inventory if you want to go into detail)
Ability: (you get all abilities, if they clash like immunity and toxic boost, or inner focus and steadfast, you are free to find a way to allow them to work together.)
Move set: (up to 8 because I'm generous)
Username: (your username...for reasons)

There. That’s it. Personality? Develop it through the roleplay.
Backstory? That’s for you to know and us to find out.

Good luck, have fun.
Thanks for visiting.

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NTS: Just in case.

I haven’t roleplayed on the forums in a long, long time, so excuse me if I am ultra-rusty.

Name: Red
Nickname/Alias: None. People give him nicknames, but he hasn’t taken a particular liking to any of them.
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Species: Mudkip
Accessories: A red Joy Ribbon that he wears around his neck like a bandanna.
Ability: Torrent (Water-type moves are boosted when HP is low) and Damp (negates the effect of moves like Self-Destruct and Explosion, and the ability Aftermath.)
Moveset: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam, Rock Smash, and Rock Tomb
Username: RedTheMudkip

Heh. I’ll probably draw an image for him later. Maybe. My tablet doesn’t exactly work well on my new computer. :(
Also, I need practice with writing stuff. Aughuhguhh.


Name: Elmhurst Evergreen.
Nickname/Alias: Cap’n, Captain.
Gender: Male.
Age: 49.
Species: Breloom.


  • A glossy red feather tucked behind one of the red things on his helmet/head.
  • A long, tattered green and white striped scarf. It’s torn more near the ends.
  • A slightly worn dusty, brown cloak. It can be tied via connecting two parts of a metal clip on the front.

Ability: Effect Spore and Poison Heal.

Move Set:

  • Stun Spore
    (A shake of the tail fills the air with a yellow dust. The more dust inhaled, the stronger the paralysis.)

  • Counter
    (Elmhurst gets into a defensive stance, ready to react if his opponent attacks.)

  • Mach Punch
    (A quick flick of his hand turns into a blinding fast punch. It doesn’t hit very hard.)

  • Iron Tail
    (Elmhurst swings around to hit his opponent with a metallic tail. Ouch.)

  • Grass Knot
    (Elmhurst attempts to trip his opponent with a strong rope of vines and or grass.)

  • Low Sweep
    (Elmhurst uses his tail to swipe at his opponents legs, possibly making them lose their balance.)

  • Headbutt
    (The opponent gets a painful face full of Breloom hat/helmet. Whatever.)

Username: Agunimon.

(And if it’s a totally new username for my character… The Captain.)

Name: Jasper.

Nickname/Alias: None.

Gender: Male.

Age: 26.

Species: Electabuzz.

Accessories: He has white tape wrapped around his hands, and a patterned white scarf covering the lower half of his face.

-Vital Spirit.

Move set:
-Power-Up Punch.
-Giga Impact.
-Electro Ball.
-Fire Punch.
-Double Team.
-Seismic Toss.

Username: Drakos.
Name: Gatsby.

Nickname/Alias: None.

Gender: Male.

Age: 29.

Species: Lampent.

Accessories: He is shrouded in a brown cloak with golden accents. He also wears a bow tie around his neck, with a gem in the centre.

-Flash Fire.
-Flame Body.
-Shadow Tag.

Move set:
-Shadow Ball.
-Dark Pulse.
Haven’t done one of these in a long while. Hopefully I’m not completely incompetent.

Name: Mary Susan “Mama” Tenebrus II

Nickname/Alias: Mary, Mama

Gender: Female

Age: 50

Species: Gourgeist - Large Size


  • A long, white apron with an orange flowers pattern on it.


  • Pickup
    (Sometimes picks up interesting things from the floor.)

  • Frisk
    (Finds what items other Pokemon have.)

  • Insomnia
    (Sometimes cannot sleep. Sleeping problems suck.)

Move set:

  • Psychic
    (Mary Susan uses Psychic to carry stuff around in her house when she can"t carry them. Or to defend herself by making the other Pokemon levitate then throwing them to space away. But she has to concentrate a lot to make them levitate.)

  • Double Team
    (She uses this move to make copies of herself to do work faster.)

  • Phantom Force
    (Mary Susan uses this move mainly to hide from danger.)

  • Nature Power
    (The effect changes depending on evironment. In her house, she uses this move to make plants grow faster.)

  • Flamethrower
    (Mary Susan uses this move to clean away leaves.) or to burn the forest so rp over

  • Sunny Day
    (With this move, Mary Susan can change the weather to sunny, which helps plants grow, and makes her moves more powerful.)

  • Protect
    (Creates a protective shield that protects Mary Susan of attacks. Using it too many times will break the shield.)

Extra information:
She has a house, with a garden she takes care of. She lives in the house with her grandson, Noah Tenebrus. (But now she"s lost.)

Username: Mad

Tbh this is my first time RPing. I thought this RP was interesting so I decided to sign up. Kirbypink-sensei taught me a lot of things about RPing.
Also, I’m sorry if, while RPing, I say things that aren’t understandable. I’m not the best at English because it isn’t my first language. ;;

Name: Noah Tenebrus.
Nickname/Alias: Arc, Tenebrae.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Species: Zoroark.
Accessories: Reaper Cloth that is used as a cape.
Ability: Illusion. (He can only transform into Pokémon within his transformation range that he has seen before, this transformation range doesn’t go outside of the Reverie’s Forest so no legends and such, and it’s only an illusion, so he doesn’t take on their moveset.)


1 - Double Team: Used for thievery and to confuse any enemy’s it counters.

2 - Flamethrower: To light things such as torches, or to roast berries. Can also be used as an attack.

3 - Dig: For fast travel and to get away from danger. Can also be used as an attack.

4 - Protect: A protective force field that can be used to protect himself along with one other person.

5 - Agility: For physical combat and to get places fast.

6 - Thief: To steal things.

7 - Night Daze: To blind people around me with darkness, also can be used as a shock wave for an attack.

8 - Fury Swipes: To cut things such as rope or grass. Can also be used as an attack.

Username: HappyKirby/Kirbypink

Extra Information: Lives with his Grandma, Mary Susan Tenebrus II

First time RPing in PMU forums, be gentle :c

((Gonna try and get in on this with a revamp of an old character, if this is still open.))

Name: Amperia
Nickname/Alias: Pere
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: Luxray
–a worn, fraying gold ribbon tied into the fur behind her ear
–a brown travel scarf, wrapped about her shoulders and neck
–a weather stained old leather satchel, currently carrying a few berries, some apples, and a dwindling supply of Pokedollars.

–Intimidate (Unfortunately her blunt, reactionary nature can often turn other Pokemon off of trying to make her company. On the upside, it’s an awfully good way of making oncoming attackers think twice when she’s intentionally putting on a show of ferocity!)
–Rivalry (Pere has a bitter history with other females giving her a hard time for her distinctly unfeminine attitude. She still holds some pretty strong resentments, and is thus spurred to put out a little more strength when competing or fighting against other female Pokemon.)
–Guts (When poisoned, burned, or otherwise afflicted with a hindering status, Pere’s sheer determination to finish the fight causes her to become more desperately ruthless, though in her case this oftentimes comes at the cost of being more reckless and impulsive)

Move set:
–Roar (Puts some distance between herself and another Pokemon, and allows her an extra moment to regain control of a fight. Also active Pere-language for “GTFO of my way you slow jerk!”. Sometimes used to alert others to her position.)
–Wild Charge (Even if wildly bull-rushing an enemy causes her some harm, it’s sometimes necessary to try and take them down if it looks like the fight’s about to end badly)
–Flash (Illuminates darkened areas. More for the benefit of accompanying Pokemon who don’t share her powerful night-vision. Sometimes works to momentarily blind other Pokemon and give her a chance to get back on her feet or land the first blow.)
–Swagger (Pere’s many years of out-arguing and retaliation have made her quite adept at taunting other 'mons into a flustered rage! Sometimes, though, it’s just because she’s having a moment of excessive self-confidence or pride in her strength and can’t help a bit of smug gloating.)
–Iron Tail (Tail hardens to a likeness of iron, and she swings it full-force into an opponent. Mostly used as a back-up measure for fighting Rock-/Ground-type hybrids.)
–Snarl (Makes Special Attackers think twice, thus lowering the power of their attacks. In mundane situations it’s pretty much a warning that Pere’s patience has run out and she’s two seconds away from letting her temper get the best of her.)
–Thunder Fang (Standard Electric-type move, typically takes priority over Wild Charge until the situation becomes an emergency and calls for more drastic “oomph”.)
–Strength (Pere pretty much just body-checks the opponent with all the strength she can muster. Also handy for heavy lifting tasks or clearing a path blocked by large chunks of debris.)

Username: Olann

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[/details]Ooooooh. Danke~

[spoilerquote.Agun - Profile:1m3l9izf]

[/details]Accepted. c:

[spoilerquote.Drakos - Profile:1m3l9izf]

[/details] Accepted. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

[spoilerquote.Mad - Profile:1m3l9izf]

[/details] Reserved.
MARY SUE?! …oh…wait. nevermind. Mary Susan.
Well, as strange Gourgeist with Flamethrower sounds, it’s Synthesis that is the problem. Sorry but you’re going to have to change that move. Also, make sure you know how Nature Power will be used in battle. Could be useful, just make sure you know what you’re doing with the move, since it changes depending on your envirionment. Too many times have I had people using Hydro Pump in the middle of a field because they don’t know how it works…or pretend not to know so they can get away with it.

Psychic is a great move, my only problem is the fact that in terms of roleplays it can be difficult to deal with as it involves you essentially picking them up and throwing them…mentally. The problem is that, unlike most other attacks, roleplayers will have difficulties dodging, defending or otherwise countering such a move. Just be careful that you don’t go overboard with it and perhaps have some limit. Personally I go with the must-have-concentration, or the wave form of Psychic as shown by Gardevoir at one point in the anime somewhere but I’ll leave that to you.
[spoilerref.Mad - Nature Power:1m3l9izf]Building, Plain terrain (Man/poke-made areas more-or-less) - Tri-Attack
Cave - Power Gem
Sand and badlands - Earth Power
Puddles - Mud Bomb
Water - Hydro Pump
Snow - Frost Breath
Ice - Ice Beam
Tall grass and Grassy Terrain - Energy Ball
Misty Terrain - Moonblast
Electric Terrain - Thunderbolt

-Replace Synthesis.
-When RPing, be aware of your environment for the sake of Nature Power.
-Be careful not to God-mod with Psychic. It happens.
-You write better English than some first-speakers I know. I"m sure you"ll be fine. ^[1]

[spoilerquote.HappyKirby - Profile:1m3l9izf]

[/details]Oh I’ll be gentle… ominous laughter


[spoilerquote.Olann - Profile:1m3l9izf]

[/details] Always accepting friend~ Speaking of accepting, Accepted.

I’ll include some NPC/environment information in the next update, as well as my characters so yeh. Watch out for that.

  1. /answer ↩︎

Oh sorry! I didn’t realise that Gourgeist cannot learn Synthesis… yet.
[spoilerGame spoilers:1s51rljy]It can learn Synthesis in ORAS.


I edited my sign up app in my other post. (Replaced Synthesis with Protect and edited Psychic and Nature Power’s descriptions. Was gonna add Trick-or-Treat as a move too, but the move is too weird to use it to RP. (Changing type to Ghost? How??))

I’ll try to be careful to not God-mod with Psychic, and with Nature Power. p:

  1. /answer ↩︎

Thanks. I’m sorry about that. I’m a little flaky about the ORAS changes right now, and to make it fair, no megas in this roleplay.
Perhaps further in we’ll get them, or maybe other specific items but for now nothing.
Proof I’m doing something!
NPCs. These are characters which reside within Ramdé. You are free to control them to some extend, but be sure you try and follow what their profiles say about them. Known Facts can be updated in the future. They are basically fun facts and can include little things we learn about them, like their back story or talents.

Ann / The Gardener

Roserade â–ºGrass/Poisonâ—„
[b]- A golden brooch shaped like a soaring Swellow pegged into her hair.

  • A bright orange scarf that she wears in cold weather.[/b]
    Technician - Powers up her weaker moves.
    Poison Point - Contact may poison the attacker.
    Natural Cure - All status conditions heal themselves in time.

    â–ºPin Missile - Sharp spikes are shot at the target in rapid succession.
    â–ºMagical Leaf - The user scatters curious leaves that chase the target. This attack never misses.
    â–ºVenoshock - The user drenches the target in a special poisonous liquid. This move"s power is doubled if the target is poisoned.
    ►Dazzling Gleam - The user damages opposing Pokémon by emitting a powerful flash. Can be used to temporarily blind attackers.
    â–ºSynthesis - Restores HP based on the weather.
    â–ºLeech Seed - A seed is planted on the target. It steals HP from the target.
    â–ºGrass Whistle - The user plays a pleasant melody that lulls the target into a deep sleep.
    â–ºToxic Spikes - The user lays a trap of poison spikes on the ground. They poison those who step on them.

    Anthia is a quiet old woman who refuses to let her age get in her way. She is a very hard worker and dedicates herself to her garden and the people of the town. She is kind and helpful to all she meets but occasionally she may say or do something surprisingly dark and seemingly out of character.
    [b]- Her partner is Antoine, the farmer.
  • She maintains the gardens along with her husband, helping provide food to the citizens of Ramdé.[/b]
    Anton, Ant / The Farmer

    Whimsicott - â–ºGrass/Fairyâ—„
    - A golden brooch in the shape of a Swellow pinned to the fluff on his chest.
    Chlorophyll - Boosts Speed in sunshine.
    Prankster - Gives priority to a status move.
    Infiltrator - Passes through the opposing Pokémon"s barrier and strikes.

    â–ºPsychic - The target is hit by a strong, invisible force. This may also lower the target"s Sp. Def stat.
    â–ºShadow Ball - The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. This may also lower the target"s Sp. Def stat.
    ►Hurricane - Creates a strong wind capable of lifting Pokémon into the air. This may also confuse the target.
    â–ºMoonblast - Borrowing the power of the moon, the user attacks the target. This attack is stronger at night and may also lower the target"s Sp. Atk stat.
    â–ºProtect - Creates a small force-field to block attacks.
    â–ºSubstitute - The user makes a copy of itself that serves as a decoy.
    â–ºGrass Whistle - The user plays a pleasant melody that lulls the target into a deep sleep.
    â–ºDouble Team - By moving rapidly, the user makes illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness.

    Antoine acts immaturely for his age. He plays pranks on the people in the town and likes to tell jokes and stories, especially to newcomers. Sometimes it"s hard to believe he is sixty years old.
    [b]- His partner is Anthia, the gardener.
  • He owns a small farm where he grows various foods.
  • Antoine sometimes lets the wind carry him away so he can avoid doing his work.[/b]

More to come! c:


Mira / The Guardian

Pyroar â–ºFire/Normalâ—„
- Metal braces on her paws lined with springs to put more force into her legs, allowing her speed, jumping and landing ability to be increased. She can use these to apply more strength to her physical attacks.
Moxie - The more enemies she defeats, the more she understands their strength so her Attack increases.
Rivalry - Deals more damage to Pokémon of the same gender, but does less to those of the opposite gender.
Unnerve - Unnerves other Pokemon. This typically stops them from doing whatever regular activity they are doing to stay alert.

â–ºDig - She digs underground. Can be used as an escape or can even attack by jumping out at her opponents.
â–ºCrunch - She viciously bites down on her foes with an armor-breaking attack. This can lower an enemy"s Defense stat.
â–ºWild Charge - An all-out electrical charge that temporarily increases her speed and strength for more damage, at the cost of hurting herself.
►Bulldoze - Mira slams her paws into the ground, causing the ground to vibrate quite violently. It forces opposing Pokémon to be careful about how they move, unless they want to fall over. Lowers opposing Pokémon"s Speed.
â–ºFlamethrower - Fires a jet of flames.
►Snarl - Delmira growls and snarls in an intimidating manner, lowering the opposing Pokémon"s Special stat.
â–ºHyper Voice - Delmira roars loudly, releasing a powerful sound-wave to inflict damage. She can concentrate this attack at the cost of range.
â–ºNoble Roar - Letting out a noble roar, the user intimidates the target and lowers its Attack and Sp. Atk stats. She can use this to attract attention or force others to listen/obey her.

Delmira is a natural born hunter whose loyalty lies to her friends and family. At first she is loyal and distrusting, but the more she gradually warms to someone, the more they realize just how caring she is, even if she visibly hides all traces of emotion other than hate or disgust.
- She was raised in a family of Pyroar so naturally lived by their rules, hence her natural hesitance to fight males in fear of their strength.
Rion / The Mayor

Avalugg â–ºIceâ—„
- None
Own Tempo - Prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.
Sturdy - He is capable of surviving attacks which would otherwise knock him out.
Ice Body - The Pokémon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.

â–ºStrength - He uses his physical strength to push an opponent or object with immense force.
â–ºSkull Bash - He prepares himself for an attack, raising his defense before charging with immense power.
â–ºGyro Ball - Spins rapidly then charges. The slower he is compared to the target, the greater the move"s power.
â–ºRock Slide - He creates a small portal in the sky that drops boulders. Can be used as an attack or defensively as a wall.
â–ºAvalanche - Garrion prepares an attack. If he is hit before he attacks himself, the strength of the attack increases.
â–ºRecover - Garrion regenerates his health by restoring his cells.
â–ºCurse - Garrion"s Speed stat decreases, but his Attack and Defense stats rise.
►Roar - He roars with volume and ferocity mighty enough to scare almost any Pokémon away. Alternatively he could use the sound-wave to physically knock them back if they resist.

Garrion is a brave Pokémon who works his hardest in whatever he does. He is trusting and friendly, sometimes more so than what is considered safe. His willingness to trust and accept anyone sometimes makes the other residents worry, but most times he will find a way to remedy any issues that arise from his decisions. He doesn"t like sharing his problems or worries in fear others will get hurt, especially when they depend on him as they do.
- Apparently, Garrion hasn"t aged since he was thirty, not that you can tell how old he looks anyway.
Andy / The Inn Keeper

Shiny Nidoking â–ºPoison/Groundâ—„
- Three small gold stud earrings in his left ear. Each has a different gem embedded in it, one ruby, one pale sapphire and one topaz.
Poison Point - Contact may induce Poison.
Sheer Force - Removes additional effects to increase move damage.
Rivalry - Andrey is reluctant to hit females, simply because he was raised believing it was wrong. Sometimes he feels threatened by other males, leading to him being more forceful. However, if he is enraged enough he can completely forget any and all restraint.

â–ºFire Punch - Punches with a fist full of flames.
â–ºMegahorn - Andrey"s horn extends and he uses it to attack.
â–ºDragon Tail - A slow, powerful strike with his tail that can knock enemies far away.
â–ºPoison Jab - Poison seeps from the skin on his hands and/or horn before he attacks.
â–ºPower-Up Punch - Punches with a fist surrounded by an aura. It raises his attack stat.
â–ºBlizzard - Summons a powerful, yet brief snowstorm.
â–ºThunderbolt - Releases a strong blast of electricity from his body.
â–ºEarth Power - The ground cracks and erupts with power. Its intense heat can be used while forging metal.

Andrey is the loving father of three children to whom his life is devoted to. Nothing in the world means more to him than they do. He is fun-loving and hates serious situations. Some accuse him of being too much of a child himself, but when his children are threatened he shows a ferocity harsher than any of the famed monsters of the forest.
[b]- He has the largest house in the town, being that he built it himself. He recently sectioned off a large portion of it for others to stay in if needed.

  • He is skilled with needlework and occasionally makes/mends items of clothing for others.
  • His favorite hobby is making jewelry.[/b]

I’m currently undecided on who to use. Twitch is definitely being used and I’ve added Arby in case I decide to introduce him if that’s alright.

Niele Malvo
Arby (Introduces himself as this as opposed to Niele), He will sometimes use fake names

Weavile â–ºDark/Iceâ—„

  • A blue-green neckerchief that can be lifted to cover his mouth.
  • A small strip of material matching his neckerchief around his right leg which occasionally holds a weapon.
  • All of Arby"s items are carried around in a neon green vinyl duffle bag.
    Pickup - Arby collects any hidden items in the close vicinity.
    â–º Ice Punch - Punches the enemy with a frozen-cold fist. Capable of freezing his target.
    â–º Crush Claw - A strong claw attack that will lower his target"s defense half the time.
    â–º Aerial Ace - Slashing attack used at such speed that it cannot miss unless the foe is semi-invulnerable (dig, fly etc.).
    â–º Night Slash - A large scale slashing attack imbued with the dark type.
    â–º Dig - He digs through walls or underground. Can be used as a method of escape or as an attack.
    â–º Cut - A simple attack using his claws, primarily used for its HM field move.
    â–º Brick Break - A strong punch intended to weaken a target but not defeat it. Arby"s Ice Punch is a version imbued with the ice type.
    â–º Snatch - If Arby thinks his enemy is planning a status move he will prepare and steal it beforehand to aid his defense.

Rudy Lee

Meowstic â–ºPsychicâ—„

  • All of Twitch"s items are carried around in a bright yellow vinyl duffle bag.
  • He sometimes carries comic books around in his bag.
  • He has a range of tools, some for fighting purposes.
    -Twitch wears a belt with a shoulder strap, used to hold items and equip some of his tools.
  • He has an item that looks like a puzzle box hanging from his shoulder strap. It"s unsolved, is made of a strange silver coloured material and has a glowing circle on the centre of each surface.
    Keen Eye - Twitch cannot lose his accuracy, further lowering the chance of him missing. He will also ignore his opponents" evasion boosts.
    Prankster - Status moves gain priority. Quick Guard can block this ability"s use.
    â–º Thunderbolt - A mighty electric blast hits the target and has a slight chance of paralyzing them unless they"re an electric type.
    â–º Thunder Wave - A paralyzing attack that can"t affect ground or electric types.
    â–º Psychic - A powerful psychokinetic attack. Slight chance of lowering the target"s special defense. Twitch can"t use this attack greatly, normally only able to lift light objects and to an extent, light pokemon. If he over exerts himself he will succeed in whatever he was trying to do but pass out from the pain in his head.
    â–º Energy Ball - A grass-charged special attack in the form of an orb created by Twitch"s mind. Slight chance of lowering the target"s special defense.
    â–º Light Screen - A wall of light is created to help Twitch and his teammates by reducing damage from special attacks.
    â–º Protect - Twitch completely protects himself completely from attacks (with exceptions) and if he wishes to do so, he can instead protect an ally at the risk of leaving himself open to attacks with no retaliation.
    â–º Trick Room - Reverses the order that pokemon will attack in battle. Can be used to slow down enemies quicker than himself and assist his slower teammates.
    â–º Sunny Day - Twitch brightens the area, primarily used to assist a teammate with moves specific to weather conditions. Can also be used if Twitch simply wants it to be a nice day or brighten up the area. (This won"t be overused)

[spoilerquote.Trekker - Profile:357xbeys]

Uhm… Thanks, but I only needed you to fill out the form on the first page. The layout you used was for NPCs, since ‘Personality’ and ‘Known Facts’ will be left to the roleplayers to find out through the actual roleplay. Thanks though. c:

Regardless, Accepted.

Apologies, the facts about Twitch are things I don’t mind being known ahead and there are other secrets and such that I didn’t write and will be learned as we progress. I’ll remove some stuff, you’re idea is good making them more mysterious. Nonetheless, sorry about that.~

I think I’ll set this up for tomorrow. More NPCs have been made (even though they aren’t here).
Whether I have an actual character or not, I don’t know. Probably.

Name: Cyles Oatan
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Species: Spinda
Accessories: - The spots usually found on a Spinda are hexagons on Cyles.

  • He wears a hoodie
    Ability: Own Tempo - Cyles doesn’t pay much attention to the battlefield, unluckily, he gets very confused in the wage of war and may start getting dizzy when the battle becomes too unexpected. Cannot be confused by external sources except when he gets dizzy himself.
    Tangled Feet - When he starts getting dizzy, the world starts spinning around and he attempts to tackle everything when he hears random sounds. He usually has a higher chance of evasion during this time as he spastically moves.
    Contrary - Using the power of his upside-down head, he tells himself that most things that are happening are usually the opposite, this allows him to go through things with opposite results.
    Move set:
    ***Dizzy Punch - A yellow energy flows through Cyles’ fist and on impact on the belly, it rearranges the stomach acids to make the target dizzy or sometimes vomit.
    ***Teeter Dance - Starts singing very random songs as he trashes his opponents and allies about. Confuses other targets.
    ***Assist - Cyles joins hands with a fellow Pokemon and imitates the actions of it’s fellow Pokemon.
    ***Psycho Cut - When Cyles gets too dizzy and his headache becomes too major, a frightening magenta-blue aura flows around him and cuts through the opponents minds.
    ***Role Play - Cyles replaces Own Tempo with another ability of the target and replaces it with another. This is sometimes used to annoy the target.
    ***Trick Room - Together with Psycho Cut, Cyles uses all his energy to reverse the movements of all Pokemon on the field. Cyles faints for a short period of time.
    ***Uproar - Blabbering at loud volumesis an expertise of Cyles. NOBODY ELSE.
    Username: Maxima_LeShedded

Name: Ignird
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Species: Numel
Accessories: N/A
Ability: Own Tempo - Similar to Cyles Own Tempo.
Simple - Very down-to-earth, everything done by Ignird is multiplied to twice the extent.
Oblivious - Very slow in thinking, Ignird takes a while to understand most words said against her.
Move set:
***Sunny Day - The heat on her back starts to increase in intensity causing a weak glow similar to the sun.
***Growth - Her skin bubbles and slowly expands as she grows in strength and size.
***Magnitude - A random seismic event is caused through Ignird’s feet as the earth damages opponents around her.
***Heat Wave - Lava escapes from the hump and starts to burn everything around Ignird.
***Stockpile - Eats the surroundings around her to increase her bulk.
***Spit Up - Shoots out everything she ate over the past few seconds.
***Overheat - When she gets too much of a headache, her temperatures increase to a powerful level and incinerates everything around her.
Username: Maxima_LeShedded