The newest fan-addition to PMU: Charities

When I was a new player, I was really confused and didn’t knew what to do, and I remember that nice people like NoobZ, Seedlings, Qualia, Ascella, and many more people were really kind for lending me a hand, and giving me items that I’m holding to this day.

This made me think… “What if there was a place for new people get items?”. And that was when CharityLucariomen was born, and by the time I’m writing, possibly Qualias Orphanage. Those houses are for new players specifically, with the highest-level Pokémon they have being in a level not higher than 50. As experienced players, it’s our job to make new players happy and have the best PMU experience they could ever have.

The rules are simple:

  • Only collect items if you’re level 50 or below, it is highly recommended alternate accounts don’t touch those charities.
  • It is recommended that you only collect what you truly need.
  • As experienced players, we should always try to restock the charity ASAP.
  • Only place items that are useful. Don’t fill the charity with piles of 5 Poke, little piles of Tiny Thorns, regular Apples, stuff like that.

Enjoy the fun of charitable actions, now in PMU! :chikoritaye:

Hi there,

When you make posts on the forums, please be sure to not publicly defame any players directly! That goes against our rules. I’ve edited your post to remove this bit.

This seems like a cool idea though! I hope it works out well