The Night before Christmas HC

‘Twas the night before HC, the players lay

presents around the Christmas Tree, waiting for the day.

The players gathered round, all assembled by Andy

In hopes that Christmas doesn’t end up like Halloween

While pmu players worry that Jojo can mess things up

The sigh with relievement, he’s banned for 6 months!

The excitement, the thrill, when HC is released

Delibird used Present! Oh no! Fainted Screen

As players skim through the dungeon really fast

Someone accidentally spoiled new Pokemon on global chat

As the sparkle token gets added to shop that day

Someone shouts: Outrageous! I’m not farming 10k!

As tons of hours are wasted this Christmas HC

Players give thanks because they are pleased


That’s nice! :smiley:

And the jojo part was so funny XD

Who’s Jojo and why is that name mentioned all the time?
While this rhyme was clever, Andy & Halloween didn’t really rhyme.

Glad you guys enjoyed it even though some only rhymed if you pronounce it a certain way.